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The Naughty-Naughts
Photo by Michael Visser

The Naughty-Naughts

Celebrating the creation of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

This century-old menu and schedule of events is for a night of festivities with Principal John Galbraith (1846-1914) of the Ontario School of Practical Science.

Celebrating the creation of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, the bill of fare is six pages long and was produced for one of the many parties held by the Naughty-Naughts, as the students graduating in 1900 were known. The four-course meal started with a toast to the Queen, followed by one to country and empire, one to the province and its resources, and another to technical education. Surprisingly well-preserved and bordered with bright Christmas colours, the menu looks as if it could be placed on a banquet table tonight. “You are cordially invited to celebrate the future,” the memento seems to say as the university archivist gently returns it to a grey cardboard box.

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