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Thanks a Billion!

Six years, 112,819 donors, more than $1 billion

How to thank the tens of thousands who gave money, time, energy and ideas to make the Campaign for the University of Toronto the largest philanthropic effort in the history of Canada?

How to begin to tell the more than 100,000 stories behind the campaign?

Students who voted to increase their own fees to fund student centres and raise financial aid for fellow students.

A recent graduate who gave what she could, $5 or $10 a month on credit card, to help endow her former Varsity team – and give future generations a shot at achieving their personal best.

A man who rewrote his will to support an innovative new program that he wished had existed when he was a student.

The alumnus who gave to honour a parent.

The class who gets together every year to reminisce – and made giving back to the university part of their fun.

And yes, government, businesses, foundations and countless individuals who thought long and hard about opportunity, leadership and excellence, then put their money to work and gave millions.

With these generous contributions, endowment for student aid has increased from $68.7 million to $500 million, making U of T the first university in Canada to guarantee financial accessibility to all qualified students. There are more and better opportunities for students – in the classroom through new and enhanced programs and on the field through the largest athletics program in Canada. Life at U of T has improved with the addition of new classrooms, labs, libraries and residences – the greatest capital expansion at the university in 40 years.

And it will not stop there. U of T’s goal is to secure its position among the world’s best public teaching and research universities. For that, there is a critical need to create more opportunities, programs and spaces for future generations. Why?

Because by striving to be its best, U of T will continue to encourage, inspire and lead students, academics and researchers to achieve their best.

Thank you for believing in us.

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