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Swimming for Gold

Keeping swimming at the forefront of U of T sports

After holding the 100-metre breaststroke record in Ontario briefly in 1980, Henry Vehovec (BASc 1979) wanted to make a more lasting mark.

A Varsity Blues swimmer from 1975 to 1980, Vehovec kicked off the Project Blue swimming campaign last November with a $10,000 donation (bolstered by $5,000 from the university) and a plan to endow a spot on the 100-metre sprint breaststroke team. Along with head swimming coach Byron MacDonald and former coach Robin Campbell, Vehovec contacted former Varsity Blues swimmers. Alumni responded from all over the world – Switzerland, Peru, Indonesia – and sent donations to help keep swimming at the forefront of U of T sports.

The engineering grad helped lead the Blues to a Canadian InterUniversity Athletic Union national championship in 1980, winning gold in the 100-metre breaststroke. He was also a member of both the 200- and the 400-metre individual medley relay teams.

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  1. One Response to “ Swimming for Gold ”

  2. Scott Anderson says:

    Thank you for the coverage of the Project Blue Swimming campaign. Although the article talked about me, the real story has been the tremendous way that swimming alumni have rallied behind our cause to contribute more than $400,000 on the way to our $500,000 target.

    Henry Vehovec
    BASc 1979