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Revitalizing University College

Leslie Noble donates $50,000 to the UC restoration project

As a student, StrategyCorp founder Leslie Noble (BA 1984 UC) enjoyed the architectural beauty of University College. And she’s now contributing $50,000 to the UC restoration project, which will revitalize the building while preserving its architectural heritage. Projects include restoring the library to its original location in the East Hall, establishing a reading room, updating academic spaces and increasing accessibility.

Leslie: When I went to University College, the building was in various stages of repair and disrepair. It’s such a lovely old building, very historic. It’s a wonderful place that feels like an academic setting, but I felt it didn’t always reach that standard – whether that was because some of the rooms weren’t in proper repair or there weren’t adequate quiet study spaces available. This is a tremendous step forward, and a great way to restore the building to its natural splendour and provide ample places for students to study in a quiet but also inspirational setting.

I think it’s really important to give back to the university – and the idea that we’re restoring the bricks and mortar, making it a more comfortable place for people to get their education in a professional and academic situation, is really critical.

Check out our story about the project: “Restoring UC’s Glory”  

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