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Honouring St. Clair Balfour

Gift in the week of his death will enhance journalism fellowships

On May 9, St. Clair Balfour – a valued volunteer and supporter of U of T – died at age 92. Balfour, who graduated with a BA in 1931 and attended Trinity College, served on the university’s Governing Council from 1979 to 1988, the last four as chairman. Past president and chairman of Southam Inc., Balfour co-founded the Southam Fellowships Programme (now named the Canadian Journalism Fellowships) at Massey College in 1962. The week of his death, he made a donation to enhance the program. Over the next two years funds will be raised to endow various journalism fellowships, one of which will be named in Balfour’s honour.

In April, on Balfour’s 92nd birthday, his daughter, Lisa Balfour Bowen (BA 1961 TRIN) and son-in-law Walter Bowen (BA 1957 UC, LLB 1960), made a $120,000 pledge supporting the St. Clair Balfour National Admission Scholarships, established in 1990 with a donation from Southam. U of T matched this new pledge, enabling a National Scholar from Trinity College to be awarded the fellowship on a yearly basis.

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