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Eleven U of T alumni and faculty named to the Order of Canada

Eleven U of T community members have received Order of Canada appointments, the highest civilian honour for lifetime achievement. The following were named officers: George Beaton (BA1952 TRIN, MSc 1953, PhD 1955), a professor emeritus of medicine and leader in nutritional sciences, has helped improve nutrition for children in developing countries. Crawford Holling (BA1952 UC, MSc 1954) has made pioneering contributions to the field of ecology. The Hon. Roy McMurtry (BA1954 TRIN) has had a distinguished career of public service, notably as chief justice of Ontario.

Named members of the order were Prof. Ian Clark of Uof T’s School of Public Policy and Governance, who has advanced Canadian public policy, public sector management and higher education in Ontario. Dr. A. Alan Giachino (BPHE 1967, MD 1971), a professor at the University of Ottawa, volunteers his skills as an orthopaedic surgeon in developing countries. David Helwig (BA1960 UC) is the poet laureate of Prince Edward Island and founder and editor of the annual Best Canadian Stories. Prof. Roderick McInnes of pediatrics and molecular genetics is a leader in retinal and eye development, and inherited retinal degenerations. The Hon. Edward Moxon Roberts (BA1960 VIC, LLB 1964) is a former cabinet minister and former lieutenant governor of Newfoundland and Labrador. Dr. Marvin Tile (MD 1957, BSc Med 1963), a professor emeritus of surgery at U of T, is an orthopaedic surgeon, teacher and groundbreaking researcher. Madeline Ziniak (BA1978 Innis), national vice-president at OMNI Television, has helped develop multilingual and multicultural television in Canada.

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