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Singing for Her Breakfast

Staff member wins Cheerios vocal search

U of T staff member Amber Gertzbein’s singing skills recently landed her knee-deep in Cheerios. This spring, Gertzbein (BSc 2000 UC) took part in the Canada-wide Berry Burst Cheerios Vocal Search, competing against 300 other warblers for a chance to sing a new General Mills TV commercial jingle. Contestants were required to sing parody lyrics to I Think I Love You, by ’70s Partridge Family popster David Cassidy. Alas, Gerstein didn’t come away as the Berry Burst vocal champ, but she did grab one of the seven semi-finalist positions. Her winnings? A night at the SkyDome Hotel, dinner at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant, a morning in a recording studio testing her pipes, and, of course, a case of Cheerios. Today, he serves as president of the organization.

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