Sparks of Brilliance

Meet U of T's next generation of scientists, thinkers and inventors

The impressive young scholars you’ll meet here are seeking answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Some offer a fresh perspective on the human condition – why we behave unethically or become activists, and how we communicate through words and song. What they share with all of their U of T colleagues is a deep curiosity about the world and a passion for inquiry. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Illustration of Patrick Gunning with cancer cells in the background
Patrick Gunning. Starving Cancer Cells
Illustration of Katherine Larson with music books in the background
Katherine Larson. Literary Songbird
Illustration of Joyce Poon with cables in the background
Joyce Poon. Speed of Light
Illustration of Emma Master with different plant leaves in the background
Emma Master. Goodbye to Plastic?
Illustration of Naisargi Dave with different protest signs in the background
Naisargi Dave. The Art of Activism
Illustration of Joseph Wong with a world map in the background
Joseph Wong. Asia Rising
Illustration of Samir Sinha with an electrocardiogram line in the shape of an older couple beside him
Samir Sinha. Aging Well
Illustration of Julie Claycomb with a molecular compound chain in the background
Julie Claycomb. Go Argonautes!
Illustration of Deborah Cowen with a ship in water beside her
Deborah Cowen. Markets Without Borders?

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