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41 Comments: 17 Things Every U of T Student Should Do Before They Graduate

Stroll Philosopher’s Walk, peer through a telescope, hear the Gospel Choir and much more!

30 Comments: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

Intelligence by itself doesn’t make you rational. Thinking rationally demands mental skills that some of us don’t have and many of us don’t use

28 Comments: How Rational Are You?

Five questions to get you thinking

24 Comments: Out and Proud

How students, faculty, staff and alumni brought queer activism to the University of Toronto and changed the campus forever

19 Comments: Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about U of T’s queer history, rationality, the ongoing struggle in Afghanistan and academic integrity

18 Comments: The Bond of Victory

U of T students celebrate triumph in Europe during the Second World War

17 Comments: Africentric Schools

Professor George Dei says parents of black children have been concerned for 30 years that the Toronto school system is not serving their children. “It was time to try a new approach.”

17 Comments: 16 Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Shot at U of T

U of T often plays an Ivy League school in Hollywood. But it’s popular in horror and sci-fi films as well

15 Comments: Escaping Gridlock

What’s the solution to Toronto’s traffic problems?

15 Comments: How Did the Universe Begin?

Professor Barth Netterfield’s lifelong journey into faith, physics and astronomy

14 Comments: The Lives of Animals

Most animals raised for food in Canada live on industrial sites where they never go outdoors. Under our laws, this is perfectly legal, but is it ethical?

14 Comments: Delivered

Read the Winner and Readers’ Choice favourite in the 2011 Alumni Short Story Contest

14 Comments: A Life in Blue and White

From champion student athlete to UTSC’s principal: Bruce Kidd ushers in a new era at the university’s eastern campus

13 Comments: Goodbye to Cars!

U of T embarks on a bold plan to restore, renew and beautify the historic St. George campus

11 Comments: The Gay Voice

Some men may subconsciously adopt certain female speech patterns

11 Comments: 60 Seconds With Fred Gitelman

Canada’s bridge champion is trying to save the game from falling off a demographic cliff

10 Comments: Frye’s Anatomy

To his English students, Northrop Frye, the brilliant literary critic, was an intellectual god and a master lecturer. One-on-one, though, he could be difficult to read

10 Comments: The $100 Artificial Leg

The simple, inexpensive device matches the function of far more costly technology

9 Comments: Class Acts

As the UTAA celebrates its 100th birthday, we raise our hats to 100 alumni who made their mark on the 20th century

9 Comments: 150 Years of Varsity Football

Gala fundraiser at Great Hall in Hart House will mark Blues milestone

9 Comments: Doctor of Courage

Rejected by American universities, Alexander T. Augusta completed his medical degree at Trinity Medical College then used his skills to fight for civil rights in his homeland

8 Comments: Up from Slavery

Bryan Walls raises a monument to the Underground Railroad

8 Comments: Why Good People Do Bad Things

Are we living in an unethical era?

8 Comments: Ending It All

We run our lives as we wish. Why can’t we have a say in our own death?

8 Comments: Unlocking Our Potential

U of T researchers suggest life’s early years might be even more important than we thought

8 Comments: Leap of Faith

New degree program designed to promote understanding between Christians and Muslims

8 Comments: Apocalypse How?

The world will end, just probably not this year, University of Toronto experts say

8 Comments: On Shaky Ground

How should we evaluate the risks and benefits of fracking?

7 Comments: Religion Versus the Charter

Canada’s commitment to multiculturalism is being tested in new and unexpected ways

7 Comments: Faces of ’14: Frosh Week Approaches

They’re smart, globally aware, tech savvy — and still a little nervous about starting at U of T

7 Comments: A Faculty Looks Ahead

Arts and Science proposal would enhance undergraduate learning and eliminate deficit, says dean

7 Comments: A Global Affair

Armed with $80 million in new funding, the Munk School aims to become one of the top international relations programs in the world

7 Comments: A House Divided

Creating “thermal zones” in a home could reduce energy costs by as much as 80 per cent

7 Comments: 189th Birthday Quiz!

Test your knowledge of all things U of T in honour of the university’s 189th anniversary on Tuesday, March 15

6 Comments: A Cleaner Future

Just how close are we?

6 Comments: Show of Faith

U of T’s ecclesiastic alphabet once began and ended with “A” for Anglican, but now embraces everyone from Ahmadis to Zenists

6 Comments: Zaib Shaikh

Actor lands a plum role with a CBC hit

6 Comments: Stolen Words

The Internet has made plagiarizing easier than ever. But detection methods have gone high-tech, too.

6 Comments: “This Is a Generational Struggle”

Captain Bruce Rolston wonders how long Afghanistan’s calm facade will remain after peacekeepers leave

6 Comments: Thirsty Lands

Rod Tennyson’s dream of a trans-African pipeline would bring clean water to millions.

6 Comments: Breaking the Cycle

The City of Toronto is not doing enough to make the streets safe for cyclists

6 Comments: Blocking the Buzz

New device provides better “masking” for tinnitus sufferers

6 Comments: The Better Way? Not So Fast

Tolls are better than transit for easing traffic gridlock over the long term, researchers say

6 Comments: Birthright Lottery

Why should the accidental circumstances of birth confer almost unlimited opportunity to some and condemn others to a life of struggle?

6 Comments: Force for Change

Crime in Toronto is down, but after five years as police chief, Bill Blair knows he can’t take the city’s safety for granted

6 Comments: Beijing Diary

Claude Bissell’s visit to China, at a time of political isolation between the West and China, foreshadowed the spirit of international exchange at U of T today

6 Comments: The Next Big Idea

Ten concepts that could shape the future: from digital credentials to safer drugs to DNA-tailored diets and more

6 Comments: The Aviator

Brave, dashing and touched by the spirit of adventure, Douglas McCurdy became the first person to fly an airplane out of sight of land

6 Comments: Gay or Straight?

Do some cultures have better “gaydar” than others?

6 Comments: Down, Across

Anupama Mohan’s writing has both quirky and serious overtones

6 Comments: Corduroy

Winner of the 2013 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

6 Comments: Getting Smarter

A U of T computer scientist is helping to build a new generation of intelligent machines

6 Comments: Is It Time for a Universal Drug Plan?

Canadians could save billions through a nationwide plan to cover prescription drugs for all citizens

6 Comments: Toward a Greener Future

U of T is an international leader in climate change research and teaching

6 Comments: An Uncomfortable Truth

U of T grad Shawn Ahmed has felt firsthand how religious beliefs can lead to discrimination

6 Comments: A Bold Vision for Front Campus Moves Closer to Reality

U of T aims to raise $20 million for a multi-year project to reimagine the area around King’s College Circle

5 Comments: Green Power

A 1969 article in The Varsity ignited students to start the Canadian environmental movement

5 Comments: Something Rotten In the State of the Arts?

Purists claim the arts should not be sullied by business. Pragmatists devalue the BA for failing to impart job skills. A pox on them, for they are all wrong. A defence of the liberal arts degree

5 Comments: School Spirits

Tales of the supernatural abound at U of T

5 Comments: All the Young Dudes

Toronto’s gay community favours young, fit, Caucasian men.

5 Comments: Philosopher’s Walk

Plans are underway to refurbish the Queen Alexandra Gateway at the walk’s north end.

5 Comments: Head of the Class

U of T’s Institute of Child Study has influenced education in Canada for more than 80 years. A visit to the lab school reveals why.

5 Comments: The Ads Have Eyes

Software uses tiny cameras to track who’s watching digital ad displays

5 Comments: Like a Bird

A U of T engineering student has become the first ever to fly a human-powered “ornithopter”

5 Comments: Regal Reception

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth enjoy a visit to U of T in May 1939

5 Comments: Don’t Overdo It!

Women who exercise strenuously may be at greater risk of developing dementia later in life, study finds

5 Comments: Forever Love

For Jane and Roger Brown of Midland, Ontario, first love lasted a lifetime

5 Comments: Revolutionary Road

Forty years ago, an intrepid group of professors and students sparked progress for women across U of T

5 Comments: Clash of the Britons

Was the War of 1812 actually a civil war?

5 Comments: Accessible Excellence

U of T’s evergreen commitment to student aid

5 Comments: Hello, My Name Is…

Tired of having her name mispronounced, Ritu Bhasin developed an app to address the problem

5 Comments: An Education

In 1940, Joyce Taylor graduated in physiotherapy – and soon set off to war

5 Comments: Housing First

It turns out that a good way to help homeless people is to actually give them a home

5 Comments: The World’s Worst Greenhouse Gas

Widely used industrial chemical has 7,100 times the potential climate impact of carbon dioxide

5 Comments: Memories of Gull Lake

Why learning to survey is an unforgettable experience for University of Toronto engineers

5 Comments: Life after Grad School

As more PhD graduates seek work outside of academia, U of T is creating opportunities for these highly knowledgeable students to develop professional skills

4 Comments: The Cast of Presidents

From dramatic to subtle, 13 men have given us their interpretation of the leading role at U of T

4 Comments: Your U of T Health & Fitness Guide

What’s the truth about your health? Take it from the experts

4 Comments: Race of the Century

When U of T pharmacy grad Bill Crothers defeated the world’s best middle-distance runner in 1965, he proved one thing to be true: the most valuable resources in a university athletics program are the people

4 Comments: The Problem of Pain

A pioneering Toronto clinic takes a new approach to a baffling medical problem

4 Comments: Behind Enemy Lines

U of T grads John Kenneth Macalister and Frank Pickersgill trained as spies during the Second World War. An unlucky break brought their lives to a tragic end

4 Comments: Smoke and Mirrors

So far, Canada has taken no real action on climate change. It’s time to get serious about Kyoto

4 Comments: Gum Control

The case for universal dental care

4 Comments: T is for Trans

It’s time to cast off dated notions about masculinity, femininity and “opposite” sexes

4 Comments: Act of Defiance

In her new book, Denise Chong profiles one of the men who, 20 years ago, dared to lob eggs at a portrait of Mao. As Western businesses vie for access to Chinese markets, do such political gestures still matter?

4 Comments: Are You There Robarts? It’s Me, Joe

You’re rough hewn and intimidating but I respect and appreciate you − and wish more students here did, too

4 Comments: The Big Promise of a Tiny Cell

Stem cell medicine may soon generate new treatments for any condition where cells have been damaged, such as heart disease, diabetes – even blindness

4 Comments: Parents – At Last!

Reproductive science has made huge strides over the past 30 years, bringing hope to millions of infertile couples. But some formidable barriers remain

4 Comments: Doggy in the Window

Yuyi Fu captures a rare moment of canine reflection

4 Comments: Angela Cox-Daly and Ross Daly

Performing duo met as teens at the Royal Conservatory

4 Comments: Understanding Autism

Scientist Stephen Scherer aims to uncover the genetic causes of an incurable neural disorder

4 Comments: Greasers versus Aliens

A Brooklyn turf war goes galactic, and a screenwriter goes to Cannes

4 Comments: Marshall’s Laws

Fifty years after the publication of his most famous works, we’re still making sense of all Marshall McLuhan had to say

4 Comments: Proof of Genius

Only the very best math students excel in the prestigious Putnam competition

4 Comments: Rift in Darkness

Aya Dajani draws inspiration from ancient Japanese mythology

4 Comments: Bronte Harbour

Gabriel Tan-Chen’s unsuccessful search for star trails leads to an unexpected photo opportunity at sunrise

4 Comments: Concussion Solution

U of T students call on Ottawa to do more to protect athletes

4 Comments: How to Build a Sustainable City

Can Toronto cut emissions by 80 per cent? If it’s up to Nadine Ibrahim, yes

4 Comments: Bernard Etkin Helped Save the Apollo 13 Crew

The professor of aerospace engineering, a beloved mentor to generations of engineers, also helped develop the Avro Arrow and even checked the aerodynamics of Toronto City Hall

4 Comments: Voyage Into Ice

Daniel Kukla’s camera discovers an otherworldly Arctic

4 Comments: Locked Away

Is solitary confinement ever appropriate?

4 Comments: 6 Places at U of T That Just Might Be Haunted

Spooky stories? Yes. Evidence of ghosts on campus? You be the judge

4 Comments: Generation T

For trans students at U of T, the fight for rights and equality is about much more than just washrooms

4 Comments: How a Verbal Test Can Reveal Your Brain Health

WinterLight Labs analyzes speech for evidence of even mild dementia. All patients need to do is describe a picture

3 Comments: And Then There Was None

A silver chalice honours 18 men of the 67 Battery who died during the First World War

3 Comments: The Troubled Healer

In his tireless quest to conquer contagious diseases, John Gerald FitzGerald, architect of Canada’s modern public health system, sacrificed his own health – indeed, his life

3 Comments: Is Depression on the Rise?

Increasing use of antidepressants in Canada

3 Comments: Royal Adventures

The latest prince to visit campus got the last laugh, but the very first prince most certainly got the last dance. A look at royal visits to U of T

3 Comments: Paths to Peace

At a time of international tension, U of T scholars are leading the search for alternatives to terror and war

3 Comments: Around the World at 80 Years

Daphne Schiff earned her pilot’s license in 1970 at the age of 46 and has flown in so many races that she’s lost count

3 Comments: Yesterday’s News

A look back at 125 years of The Varsity

3 Comments: Just “Rosie”

How does Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella find time to be an author and pianist and a judge? “Every day is a gift,” she says. “I do what I can to make the most of it”

3 Comments: U of T’s Oddball Charms

16 unusual, outrageous and delightful tales of campus life

3 Comments: Forest Friendly

U of T Magazine goes green

3 Comments: Smart Girls Writing Something Catch the Eye at Once – for Alison

Carleton Wilson’s poem placed first in U of T Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Writing Contest

3 Comments: Fear of Numbers

Why do so many kids struggle with math?

3 Comments: Ms. Universe

Astronaut Julie Payette prepares for her second journey into space

3 Comments: The Science of Sleep

Research is pointing to new treatments for the millions of North Americans who suffer from sleep disorders.

3 Comments: The Ideal Distance from Farm to Fork

Local food isn’t always environmentally the best, says geography prof Pierre Desrochers

3 Comments: Character Builders

Dedicated craftsmen carved the majestic entrance to University College

3 Comments: Exit Strategy

This fall, the City of Toronto will test a U of T program that offers youths alternatives to gang life

3 Comments: The Campus Guide to Architecture

New book by former architecture dean offers stunning photos of the University of Toronto’s three campuses

3 Comments: The New Freedom Fighters

Will the Internet help bring democracy to Iran? Professor Ron Deibert and the Citizen Lab champion free speech and human rights online

3 Comments: 60 Seconds with Robert Herjavec

Advice from the Dragon’s Den judge: don’t be cutthroat, but don’t be a pushover, either.

3 Comments: Is Life Getting Better?

A new measure of “national wealth” would include health, education and other things Canadians consider important

3 Comments: A Capital Achievement

In nearly half a century at U of T, economics prof Michael Hare has touched thousands of students’ lives

3 Comments: 100 Million Canadians

Could Canada’s path to superpower status be a number’s game?

3 Comments: The children of fishermen

Winner and Readers’ Choice favourite in the 2011 Alumni Poetry Contest

3 Comments: Literature Junkie

From street art to hip hop, Nick Mount connects English lit to pop culture

3 Comments: Mind Games

Doctors have been trying for decades to classify mental illnesses. So why do precise definitions still elude us?

3 Comments: Life Recovered

A neuroscientist recounts his personal experience with drug addiction

3 Comments: Saving Lives, One Death at a Time

What one of the world’s largest mortality studies is teaching us about public health

3 Comments: Reading is Believing

Grad Asim Hussain believes in the power of books to help people reach their full potential

3 Comments: A Computer Screen You Can Fold

Thinner, more flexible displays could radically change how we use and experience computers

3 Comments: Wisdom of the Elder

After surviving a difficult childhood, teacher and writer Lee Maracle provides counsel to others at First Nations House

3 Comments: Frugal Thinking

How do you bring basic sanitation to two billion people in low-income countries? Inventing a toilet that works for pennies a day is a start

3 Comments: The Sage of Bay Street

David Rosenberg warned of a financial crisis few others saw coming. So why, amid ongoing global turmoil, is Bay Street’s most noted pessimist ready to change his tune?

3 Comments: Trillium

Rita Chen writes about a future where “perfect” artificially made children can be purchased

3 Comments: Letters to the Editor

Readers contemplate climate change, the issue of hunger, and even theatre

3 Comments: A Do-It-Yourself Legal Kit?

Monica Goyal’s company helps people avoid hefty lawyer’s fees

3 Comments: Telling the U of T Story

Student Amy Chong wins a global contest with her “We Love U of T” slideshow

3 Comments: The Science of Mindfulness

Researchers are producing mountains of evidence that meditation can boost satisfaction, improve health and reduce burnout

3 Comments: Superbugs

Drug-resistant infections are a man-made problem. Is it one we can solve?

3 Comments: Sugar Rush

Foods that seem healthy often aren’t, and sugar is the latest culprit

3 Comments: John Lennon and Yoko Ono Rock Varsity Stadium

An iconic Toronto concert in 1969 heralded the breakup of the Beatles and the launch of new acts

3 Comments: Changed by War

A century ago, the First World War changed Canadian society profoundly, and transformed the University of Toronto no less

3 Comments: The Reluctant CEO

Arts grad Dani Reiss wanted to become a writer, then realized there was more than one way to tell a story

3 Comments: U of T’s World Wide Web

The university’s scholars are collaborating with partners in every region of the globe to answer questions that challenge us all

3 Comments: 21 Amazing Things You Can Do with a U of T Degree

Graduation is just the beginning

3 Comments: Breaking News

U of T is rethinking how journalists get trained

3 Comments: Could Carbon Dioxide Be the Solution to Climate Change?

Greenhouse gas could be harvested from the atmosphere and recycled into renewable fuel, says researcher

3 Comments: Lift Weights to Lift Mood

U of T opens one of the first research facilities in the world to integrate the study of physical activity and mental health

3 Comments: Know Thy Selfie

Think you take great pics of yourself? Think again

3 Comments: Scaling Up

Tiff Macklem helped steer the Bank of Canada through the financial crisis, making it the envy of its global peers. Now, he aims to place the Rotman School among the world’s best

3 Comments: Hungry for Hazardous Waste

How pollution-eating microbes could help clean up toxic sites

3 Comments: In Memoriam: Jim Delaney

A trusted adviser to students and U of T presidents, this staff member was also open about his mental health challenges

3 Comments: A Lifeline for People with Aphasia

A stroke or brain injury often robs patients of their ability to communicate thoughts and emotions. U of T alumna Aura Kagan found a way to help them converse again

3 Comments: Warrior for Peace

U of T physicist Ursula Franklin staunchly opposed weapons of mass destruction. As Cold War tensions rise, her work remains as relevant as ever

2 Comments: Leaders & Mavericks

Exceptional political alumni

2 Comments: Scientists & Thinkers

Leading in science, research and thought

2 Comments: George Elliott Clarke

Our expanded view of literature

2 Comments: Malcolm McGrath Retires

Assistant engineering dean helped start U of T Day and established the Leaving Class Pledge

2 Comments: A Troubling Disparity

Narrowing the student-faculty visible minority gap

2 Comments: Young Offenders

Admit it. You find impressive young people irritating. Prepare to be bugged. Here is the University of Toronto Magazine‘s first-ever list of alumni 40 and under who are taking the world by storm

2 Comments: An Intellectual Emergency

In the month following the horror of September 11, and 20 years after her frosh year, writer Margaret Webb returns to U of T, again seeking understanding of the world

2 Comments: A Feast of Thought

These 20 thinkers brought their stunning intellect to U of T’s table and enlivened the world of ideas

2 Comments: Medicine Men

Two U of T alumni work their magic to keep Toronto’s Jays and Raptors running

2 Comments: Great Twisted Minds

Student Aidan Koper wows audience on Letterman

2 Comments: Almonds Fight Cholesterol

Study finds almonds lower levels of bad cholesterol

2 Comments: Independence Day

The Independent Weekly celebrates 25 years

2 Comments: Great Friends for a Great University

A transformative campaign owes its success to thousands of donors

2 Comments: Outward Bound

U of T forges new links with the city

2 Comments: The Birgeneau Years

For U of T president Robert Birgeneau, excellence and equity went hand in hand

2 Comments: Star-Struck!

Why Hollywood loves U of T

2 Comments: Life Before Shakespeare

Records of Early English Drama marks milestone at U of T

2 Comments: Northern Lights

NOW Magazine donates photo archives to U of T

2 Comments: It’s Never Too Late

76-year-old grad receives doctorate, establishes award in Italian Studies

2 Comments: African Queen

A museum studies prof is working to unearth the ancient leader’s complete life story

2 Comments: Eureka!

Where do great ideas come from?

2 Comments: Dangerous Liaisons

Zoologist Maydianne Andrade makes an intriguing discovery about the bizarre mating habits of redback spiders

2 Comments: Dial M for [murmur]

Using cellphones to make oral history come alive

2 Comments: HIV on the Rise in Ontario

U of T study finds rate of increase in HIV diagnoses highest among heterosexuals

2 Comments: A Newsroom of One’s Own

Betsy Mosbaugh braved the war era, snowstorms and typos as the first female editor of The Varsity

2 Comments: A Constant Quest

For these five professors, great teaching is less about supplying a “magic” answer than encouraging students to ask the right questions

2 Comments: Going Back

Returning to university after 20 years can be scary and bewildering. But it can also be wonderfully enriching

2 Comments: Band of Brothers

Fraternity sets up scholarship from house proceeds

2 Comments: Love Story

Rasha Mourtada’s story placed first in University of Toronto Magazine’s Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

2 Comments: Untangling Alzheimer’s

A U of T centre is hunting down the genes that cause this debilitating brain illness, and moving us closer to a cure

2 Comments: The House That Dave Built

How law grad David Shore took one misanthropic doctor, added a large dose of twisted humour and created the hit medical drama House

2 Comments: The Topography of Innovation

Are Canadians ready to compete in the new knowledge economy?

2 Comments: Battle on Vimy Ridge and Other Stories

What a bullet-scarred book and eight other intriguing objects tell us about U of T

2 Comments: Testing Turnitin

“How original a writer am I?” wonders Zoe Cormier

2 Comments: A New Era in Public Health

For decades, the medical profession has favoured treatment over prevention. U of T’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health is setting out to change that thinking

2 Comments: Gift of a Lifetime

Professor Nigel Edwards received a liver donation from a former grad student

2 Comments: Connecting Communities

Investing in high-speed rail and clean electricity could help lift Toronto out of the recession – and set the stage for a sustainable future

2 Comments: Revelations from Qumran

Ancient peoples may have viewed the Dead Sea scrolls much as we see the web – fluid, social and open to change

2 Comments: Follow the Green Path

University of Toronto Scarborough program helps students from China adapt to a new culture

2 Comments: A World of Opportunity

Spending a term abroad used to be considered an expensive frill. Now many students see it as their key to a rewarding career

2 Comments: Chemical Reaction

Professor John Polanyi’s groundbreaking work earns him a Nobel Prize

2 Comments: Digital Books Look Great on Paper

Students haven’t embraced electronic textbooks, but a rumoured device from Apple could change everything

2 Comments: Genes and Politics

Do our genes influence whom we vote for or whether we vote? They can, says politics prof Peter Loewen

2 Comments: Champion of Accessibility

Professor Rod Michalko works to eradicate prejudices associated with being disabled

2 Comments: Look Closely!

Award-winning photojournalist Rita Leistner shines a light on North American native communities

2 Comments: Bubbles

Winner in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

2 Comments: The Dog / Pic Mobert

Runner-up in the 2009 Alumni Poetry Contest

2 Comments: On “Slacktive” Duty

Are Internet protests as effective as real-world ones?

2 Comments: Monkey Business

Hart House tries out a new receptionist

2 Comments: The Vitamin D Crisis

Dark-skinned Canadians may face higher risk of disease due to vitamin D deficiency, doctor warns

2 Comments: Strokes of Genius

Doug Carrick has designed more than 50 golf courses worldwide

2 Comments: A Heartbreaking Stumble

Naushad Ali Husein caught Chanice Taylor-Chase as she fell – a step away from winning gold in the 2009 Ontario high school track and field finals at Varsity Centre

2 Comments: Arte Povera

Urbane Magazine hopes to fill a campus niche with its mix of fashion and politics. Photo by David Pike.

2 Comments: Tough Love

Dating at university is supposed to be easy. But many of today’s U of T students find campus romance elusive. Enter Love@UofT, a new online matchmaker

2 Comments: The Social Historian

Professor Natalie Zemon Davis gives new life to history’s outsiders

2 Comments: “My Captain, My Matelot”

Tuan Nguyen and Richard Bingham have weathered both fair and rough waters together

2 Comments: Can Our Forests Stand the Heat?

Scientists discover unusual die-off in sugar-maple leaves due to high spring temperatures

2 Comments: A Year in Mumbai

Normand Labrie coped with sweltering heat and noisy classrooms to bring Canadian teaching techniques to India’s largest city

2 Comments: Factory Farming

Want to learn more about the ethical treatment of farm animals? Check out the following resources

2 Comments: Quidditch Craze

Harry Potter’s favourite sport is sweeping Canadian campuses

2 Comments: Body Double

A U of T team finally settles the question of where Tom Thomson was buried

2 Comments: The End of Moore’s Law?

For almost half a century, computer chips have doubled in power every 18 months. But this may not hold true for much longer, says Eugene Fiume

2 Comments: True North

What does Canada stand for now? Have we lost our international reputation as a nature-loving, peacekeeping haven for newcomers?

2 Comments: First Impressions

Alumni recall their initial days at U of T

2 Comments: Sage of Aquarius

Marshall McLuhan holds court at the Centre for Culture and Technology

2 Comments: Bicycle Power!

Why not use exercise bikes to supply electricity back to the grid?

2 Comments: Your Loss is Your Gain

Should people get paid for shedding weight and pursuing a healthier lifestyle?

2 Comments: Women’s Advocate

Christine Kung’u fights for the rights of abused women in her native Kenya

2 Comments: Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to articles about exercise and dementia, a long-time prof and a royal visit

2 Comments: Cruising Croatia

Join U of T writer Elaine Smith on her week-long alumni travel adventure down the Dalmatian Coast. She’ll be blogging regularly until the end of June

2 Comments: Timing is Everything

Modern life is 24-7, but there may be negative consequences to defying our body’s internal clock

2 Comments: Beaux-Arts Beauty

Alumni and friends support Convocation Hall’s construction

2 Comments: Antarctica’s Intrepid Explorer

U of T grad Charles Seymour Wright was a member of Robert Scott’s ill-fated antarctic expedition

2 Comments: Technologies for Aging Gracefully

A University of Toronto lab is harnessing computers to make life better as we age

2 Comments: A Year in the Quake Zone

John P. Racine reflects on how his life has changed since the earthquake in Japan

2 Comments: Seeing Disease

Researchers are developing better ways to detect serious illnesses before they become life-threatening – and while they’re still treatable

2 Comments: A Most Decent Proposal

What started as a regular U of T alumni event for Jiyoung Park turned into something much, much more

2 Comments: Serendipitous Circumstances

The Toronto region is a great home for a global university

2 Comments: Facing an Emergency?

Traumatologist Dr. Homer Tien advises that you don’t waffle

2 Comments: The Mobile Scholar

As students and faculty snap up smartphones, U of T aims to make Wi-Fi fast and ubiquitous

2 Comments: Feminist Revolution at U of T

Milestones over more than a century

2 Comments: Get it? Got it. Good!

A new app lets profs track student comprehension in real time

2 Comments: A Shift in Perception

Discoveries in brain science are prompting new theories about how our senses work – and how they affect our understanding of the world

2 Comments: The Great U of T Photo Contest

Three winners each received $500 for their stunning entries

2 Comments: Nightmare in Nanking

Diana Tso has written a play to draw attention to an atrocity against the Chinese people – and deliver a message of reconciliation

2 Comments: Tossing a Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has finally produced its last penny. Is it time to get rid of the nickel, too?

2 Comments: Future Forest

Will higher air temperatures affect Canada’s evergreen forests?

2 Comments: Enter Stage Left

Jeremy Hutton nudges Hart House Theatre in a new direction

2 Comments: The Darkness Didn’t Take You

Melody Playford uses poetry as an outlet for sharing memories

2 Comments: Modern-Day Tintin

Much like the Belgian reporter, cinematographer Michael Boland has dodged peril and travelled the world to get a scoop

2 Comments: The Kite Runner

Tarik Kadri gives hope to orphans in India

2 Comments: The New Regent Park

A university community helps a neighbourhood transform

2 Comments: Starving Cancer Cells

Many scientists work for years to find a cure for a single type of cancer – Patrick Gunning has his sights set on four

2 Comments: Making Traffic Smarter

An intelligent transportation system could reduce wait times at traffic lights in Toronto by more than half

2 Comments: YouTube’s Favourite Doctor

Prof. Michael Evans’ videos on health are viral sensations

2 Comments: Backpacking with a Purpose

David Berkal wants to change the way people think about tourism

2 Comments: The Geography of Pollution

A PhD candidate’s low-cost sensors could be deployed across cities to gather highly local air-quality data

2 Comments: At Your Service

Personal librarians help first-year students understand U of T’s libraries

2 Comments: Grousing with Grace

Amy Fish understands the fine art of complaining. Here, she shares some tips to help the rest of us get our way

2 Comments: Uncomforted

Second World War rape survivors still call for apology

2 Comments: Astronomy’s Answer Man

A U of T grad student has created a website where anyone can pose burning questions about astronomy – and receive an expert reply

2 Comments: 2015 Writing Contest Winners

Read all the winners, runners up and readers’ choice favourites in the U of T Magazine 2015 Writing Contest

2 Comments: Help in a Heartbeat

Toronto’s public defibrillators could save more lives if they were placed in better locations, U of T researchers find

2 Comments: Game of Kings and Queens

U of T’s chess club – Canada’s oldest – is undergoing a 21st-century revival

2 Comments: Canada’s Next Top Author

How a creative-writing program that admits just seven students a year is cultivating the country’s next generation of literary giants

2 Comments: Brew Crew

Lee Tseng’s craft beers are a hit in Shanghai

2 Comments: 2014 Photo Contest Winners

Once again, there were hundreds of superb entries from around the world and very few easy decisions

2 Comments: True U of T Ghost Stories

There really are things that go bump in the lab

2 Comments: The Bully Who is Everywhere

The Internet makes it easy to be mean. No wonder cyberbullying among teens has everyone worried.

2 Comments: Standing for Truth

Alumna Dana Wagner aims to keep politicians honest during the federal election campaign

2 Comments: A Creative Director for Toronto?

Jason Logan argues that what the city needs most are innovative, visual, urban design ideas

2 Comments: Changed by War: Objects of Salvation

In the trenches the only criteria for alarm devices were that they be loud and distinctive – but as a bonus, rattles didn’t require use of the lungs

2 Comments: From Dream to Reality

Canada’s next billion-dollar tech start-up might just come from U of T

2 Comments: Where Do You Go, My Lovelies?

Fred and Norah Urquhart’s lifelong quest for the hidden kingdom of the Monarch butterfly

2 Comments: Surf Scientist

Rob Brander put his specialized knowledge at the service of Australian surfers, and now a grateful nation calls him “Dr. Rip”

2 Comments: A Robot’s Helping Hand

A U of T lab is developing new technologies to assist older people with daily tasks

2 Comments: Better Ways to Learn

Susan McCahan is leading the charge to reimagine undergrad education at U of T

2 Comments: Game On!

Toronto’s Pan Am Games will leave a golden legacy for U of T, its athletes and the city.

2 Comments: Crazy Talk

Can we restore sanity and reason to politics?

2 Comments: She Walks in Beauty

Astronomer Helen Sawyer Hogg not only researched the stars, but explained them in a heavenly manner to students and the public

2 Comments: Healthy Minds

As U of T responds to a rise in mental health needs on campus, a powerful source of help emerges: students themselves

2 Comments: Double Value in Being Green

Energy savings on all three campuses are good for the climate, but also leave more money for academic programs

2 Comments: The Air Up There

Tarek Ibrahim wants to make personal flying machines a reality

2 Comments: Lawyer for the Public Interest

Renatta Austin wanted to help kids in trouble at school. To do so, she’s redefining how a law practice can work

2 Comments: The Hidden Epidemic

Prof. Esme Fuller-Thomson researches the devastating effects of child abuse on health. Now she wants to ensure all survivors get the help they need

2 Comments: An Army of Tree Lovers

U of T’s Faculty of Forestry is teaching Torontonians how to care for one of the city’s most valuable resources – its trees

2 Comments: Where Earth Meets Sky

UTM alum Rishabh Dev captured this heavenly view from an abandoned house

2 Comments: Ice Queens

Hockey was one of U of T’s first women’s sports

2 Comments: A Better Life for Children with Heart Defects

Research by scientist Craig Simmons at the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, supported by a visionary gift from the Rogers family, could one day eliminate the need for infants with heart defects to have more than one surgery

2 Comments: Helping Machine-Learning Startups Succeed

Artificial intelligence could soon transform almost everything. An innovative program at the Rotman School’s Creative Destruction Lab will help place U of T entrepreneurs at the forefront

2 Comments: Exploring Toronto’s Tamil Heritage

Students at UTSC will be able to learn much more about Tamil language and culture, thanks to a $2-million gift

2 Comments: What the World Needs Now

How U of T’s Boundless campaign is lifting the university, the city and beyond

2 Comments: For this Syrian Grad Student, a Fresh Start

Denied re-entry into the U.S. to complete his studies in public health, Khaled Almilaji finds a warm welcome at U of T

2 Comments: It Was 50 Years Ago Today

Ken Luckhurst first set foot at UTM at the height of the hippie era. Touring a transformed campus with a recent grad, he finds not everything has changed

1 Comment: A Solid Foundation

What is it that every educated person should know?

1 Comment: Stepping into the Future

Cutbacks in government funding for postsecondary education have eased off in the last couple of years; the Campaign for the University of Toronto is producing remarkable results, and a quarter of a billion dollars will be invested in new buildings and initiatives over the next decade.

1 Comment: The Thousand-Year Itch

How do you get 10 scholars to wax anything but bored about the millennium? Scratch the surface of the Y2K hype and ask them to predict the future of their fields

1 Comment: Pressure on the Womb

Blood pressure medication during pregnancy lowers child’s birth weight

1 Comment: Discovering Canada’s Past

Excavating sites of ancient settlements

1 Comment: Heroes & Icons

Theirs are the names that pass back and forth in conversations around the world

1 Comment: Crusaders

Alumni who exemplify the positive roles individuals can play in communities

1 Comment: Builders & Pioneers

Individuals who helped ideas prosper

1 Comment: The True North?

J.E.H. MacDonald’s view of the Algoma region

1 Comment: Decade of the Dynamo

Inspired, energetic, driven – nothing ever stopped Robert Prichard in his tracks during 10 years as president, not even a near tragedy

1 Comment: Swimming for Gold

Keeping swimming at the forefront of U of T sports

1 Comment: U of T Against Sweatshops

Landmark licensing policy, a first for a Canadian university

1 Comment: Claude Bissell (1916-2000)

(BA 1936 University College, MA 1937, LLD Hon. 1977)

1 Comment: A Class Reunion

The kid who used to wow adults with his math prowess has returned from the halls of Yale, Oxford and MIT to take on the presidency of his Alma Mater. For Bob Birgeneau, coming home could be his greatest challenge yet

1 Comment: Canadian Army University Course

Members of program for servicemen remain connected to
U of T

1 Comment: Early Impressions

The University of Toronto Press got its start printing exam booklets and is now the second-largest public university press in North America

1 Comment: Keren Rice

Rice’s research has led to mapping out Dene grammar, a learned book on Athapaskan verbs and a training program for native teachers in Dene languages

1 Comment: A Trinity Man

60 years later, Rupert Schieder can still fit into his red college jacket

1 Comment: The President’s Residence

Despite its role as a public venue, 93 Highland is the rambling kind of place that Harry Potter could inhabit quite nicely.

1 Comment: Sweet Tooth

Dentist Ken Montague eschews the factory-method of treatment, and runs a photography gallery in his spare time

1 Comment: A Geodetic Monument

Sculpture celebrates U of T grad who helped develop the theory of plate tectonics

1 Comment: Cause for Panic?

Multiple chemical sensitivity may be linked to panic disorder

1 Comment: Dental Floss

The Rolls Royce of dentist’s chairs, circa 1880

1 Comment: Blues Oldies and Goodies

86 players named to U of T football’s “all-century” team

1 Comment: The Beat Goes On

A West African drumming class inspired Kathy Armstrong to make a career out of it

1 Comment: Pass the Tomato… and the Salt

Researchers create tomato that thrives in salty irrigation water

1 Comment: U of T Forestry: Top of the Class

School was first of its kind in Canada when it opened in 1907, and it continues to lead in the development of new programs

1 Comment: Testimony to Tragedy

Countless U of T alumni were touched by the September 11 terrorist attacks. Here are just some of their stories

1 Comment: Fairly Determined

Members of the so-called gentler sex were banned from attending classes until 1884. But once women set foot in the classroom, there was no stopping them

1 Comment: The Age of Dissent

Socialists, peaceniks, feminists, rabble-rousers: They came in search of an education. They left having taught the old school a thing or two

1 Comment: Good Chemistry

Henry Holmes Croft established the university’s first chemistry laboratory. It remains a place for another kind of alchemy – the mixing of ideas

1 Comment: The Cast of Presidents

From dramatic to subtle, 14 men have given us their interpretation of the leading role at U of T

1 Comment: As Canadian as a Snowflake

Frank Darling’s Convocation Hall is as reassuring as a warm muffler

1 Comment: 75 Things You Didn’t Know about U of T

A peek at some characters, quirks and curiosities of our history

1 Comment: The Noise about Rising Tuition

It’s time to reflect on the facts

1 Comment: Bravo, Miss Brown!

With the help of a devoted tutor who acted as her eyes and ears, Mae Brown became Canada’s first deaf-blind university graduate

1 Comment: 32 Short Pieces about Peter Gzowski

A fractured look at the CBC broadcaster’s year at U of T

1 Comment: Such a Long Journey

From bank clerk to writer, from obscurity to the Oprah Winfrey Show, Rohinton Mistry’s path as a writer has taken a series of unlikely turns

1 Comment: The Sound of Silence

Bugle honours a fallen soldier

1 Comment: Green Roofs Are Cool

Rooftop vegetation helps maintain cooler interior temperatures

1 Comment: The Proof Is Out There

In the early 1970s, black holes were just a topic for scientific speculation. Then astrophysist Tom Bolton began pondering the matter

1 Comment: The African-Canadian Experience

George Elliott Clarke explores the African-Canadian experience in a new collection of essays

1 Comment: Star Turns: Charmion King

“Being an actor is like being at university. It opens your mind and your soul and make you tap into yourself.”

1 Comment: Memorial Chair

A great debater is remembered at Hart House

1 Comment: World at the Crossroads

A case for the rule of law

1 Comment: Anemia Bleeds Developing Economies

Calculating the economic impact of iron deficiency

1 Comment: Animal Instincts

The evolution of zoology. From an ex-minister who denounced Darwin to today’s research juggernaut, zoology at U of T has come a long way in 150 years. And just look where it’s going now

1 Comment: A Room of One’s Own

100th anniversary of Annesley Hall

1 Comment: Courage on Campus

Michelle McQuigge has never let her blindness interfere with her abilities

1 Comment: In Sickness and In Health

Dentistry mural could be U of T’s Guernica

1 Comment: What Students Really Think

“If you crave challenge and excellence you will end up here”

1 Comment: The Power of Television

A popular sitcom may be changing the way we speak

1 Comment: Trading Spaces

Women aren’t entering skilled trades, despite shortage of workers

1 Comment: Back to Our Roots

At the heart of Canada’s largest urban centre, U of T’s landscape plan is creating a verdant oasis

1 Comment: What a Drag It Is Getting Old

Self-esteem can fall with age, study finds

1 Comment: Two Decades of Blue Rodeo

Gift to Robarts Library chronicles band’s history

1 Comment: Home Alone

People are socializing less with family and friends at home, study finds

1 Comment: Controlling Crohn’s Disease

Researchers isolate gene associated with the condition

1 Comment: Happy Trails

How mountain bike racing became U of T’s fastest growing sport

1 Comment: Requiem for the Brave

Soldiers’ Tower Committee honours two alumni for their military service during the Second World War

1 Comment: Tops Again

First place ranking in Maclean’s comes despite funding challenges

1 Comment: Breathing Underwater

Joe MacInnis has spent his life exploring the world’s oceans. Now he wants to save them

1 Comment: Shoot the Messenger!

Canadian politics has never been cleaner, but the media would have you think otherwise

1 Comment: The Lessons of Martha and Conrad

Tougher securities regulation and better corporate governance would be a start

1 Comment: The CEO’s Dilemma

A U of T institute believes companies can be socially responsible without sacrificing profits

1 Comment: Libeskind Receives Honorary Degree

Authors Jack Granatstein and Kenneth Oppel among other recent award-winning grads

1 Comment: Anywhere but Here?

U.S.-based multinational companies are bypassing Canada, study finds

1 Comment: Workplace Smoking Bans Work

Smokers light up less often daily when they can’t indulge at work

1 Comment: Bringing Up Baby

Adult moms more affectionate toward infants, study finds

1 Comment: Taking Stock

Creating a greener U of T Magazine

1 Comment: Reverse Report Card

Survey asks students their opinion of U of T

1 Comment: Feeling Good vs. Doing Good

The meaning of happiness has changed over time

1 Comment: What Makes Us Happy?

Science offers surprising new answers

1 Comment: Journey of a Lifetime

Bequest will fund annual lecture at Joint Centre for Bioethics

1 Comment: Learning Lessons from 9/11

Canada needs a long-term strategy to combat terrorism, prof says

1 Comment: Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims

Innovative treatment helps foster movement in arms and hands

1 Comment: The Awful Tooth

Dental injury prevalent among young people, study finds

1 Comment: Seeking the Divine

Toronto’s poet laureate rediscovered poetry through prayer

1 Comment: U of T Aims to Meet Kyoto Targets

Sustainability Office will spearhead greenhouse gas reduction plan

1 Comment: Hydrogen Village

Pierre Rivard imagines an “Internet of energy” on Toronto’s Port Lands

1 Comment: A Dissident’s Diary

Can a blogger bring political change to Iran?

1 Comment: Great Eureka Moments in History

From Isaac Newton to Sir Paul McCartney, inspiration arrived suddenly

1 Comment: U of T’s Black Alumni Association awards gala

And the Award Goes to…

1 Comment: Renowned Scholar Joins Dentistry

Nobel Biocare Chair in Prosthodontics

1 Comment: Going Global

New undergraduate international-affairs magazine Globalist launches

1 Comment: Fostering Leaders in Law

Gift from former chairman of Blake, Cassels & Graydon’s, creates scholarships for engineering and law

1 Comment: Rooms with a Breeze

A compact cottage experience

1 Comment: A Time to Rebuild

A former Varsity Blues football player makes the case for U of T athletics

1 Comment: Seven Days on the Amazon

A journey into one of the world’s most mysterious – and endangered – natural realms

1 Comment: The Nature of Things

Robert Bateman, 76, talks about wildlife art, conservation and the joys of painting predators

1 Comment: The Origins of English

Grant will support research and writing of dictionary entries for the earliest English words

1 Comment: He’s Our Man

Leonard Cohen contributes parts of his past to U of T library

1 Comment: Fresh Obsessed

U of T to bring local farmers’ produce to campus

1 Comment: Trash Talk

Can new technology make Toronto’s garbage problem disappear?

1 Comment: Rhodes Scholar an Anti-Violence Advocate

Kofi Hope founded the Black Youth Coalition Against Violence

1 Comment: One Person, Half a Vote?

Ontario, Alberta and B.C. being shortchanged in Parliament, study finds

1 Comment: “The Child of My Creation”

Bernhard Fernow guided the Faculty of Forestry from its founding a century ago through the tragic losses of the First World War

1 Comment: Can a Brain Change?

Dr. Norman Doidge argues that the brain is far more malleable than previously thought

1 Comment: The Innermost Circle

The humanities play a central role at U of T

1 Comment: Luis Jacob

Toronto artist is one of two Canadians invited to documenta 12, a massive international art exhibition

1 Comment: Mark Schatzker

The journalist and traveller aims to “see, feel and taste differences in the land”

1 Comment: Young Grads, Big Ideas

Today’s young graduates are aiming straight for the top

1 Comment: Social Work Receives $15 Million

Faculty renamed in honour of Lynn Factor and Sheldon Inwentash

1 Comment: Green Radio

CIUT’s environmental show advocates for change

1 Comment: Witness to War

While visiting Somalia in 1995, doctor and U of T professor Samantha Nutt experienced the hardship and rawness of bloodshed. Now, the founder of War Child Canada says she’s “driven every day” to help children harmed by conflict

1 Comment: When Flattery Rears Its Head

Children as young as four understand that well-placed praise can yield social benefits

1 Comment: GTA Overload?

Our undergraduate recruitment challenge

1 Comment: God’s Laboratory

This spring, an international team of physicists, including several from U of T, will launch the most ambitious science experiment ever devised. Their goal: to unlock the secrets of the universe

1 Comment: The View from Tel Aviv

Gregory Levey traces his journey from U of T student to speechwriter for Ariel Sharon

1 Comment: The Sustainable Chef

Jaco Lokker brings local flavour to student menus

1 Comment: Unbroken Dreams

After years of incremental progress, spinal cord repair is edging closer to reality

1 Comment: A Doctor in Kigali

Dr. James Orbinski served as head mission for Doctors Without Borders during the Rwandan Genocide. What he saw there transformed him

1 Comment: Immigrants Choose Suburbs

Study raises questions for governments about how to integrate newcomers into Canadian society

1 Comment: Brain Gain

Many talented Canadian researchers are returning home from the U.S. And it’s not for the maple syrup.

1 Comment: Behind the Scenes

U of T couldn’t succeed without its dedicated and talented staff

1 Comment: Stay Awhile!

New rules let international students reside in Canada for longer after graduating

1 Comment: The Bicycle Messenger

Métis law student Joshua Sutherland has something to say to native youth

1 Comment: Women Wanted

Engineering faculty hopes mentorship, new image will reverse slide in female enrolment

1 Comment: An Animated History

Read about the creators of Superman, Betty Boop, Popeye and other animated characters at

1 Comment: Intelligent Paper

Chemical engineer Ramin Farnood is developing “smart” packaging that could warn consumers if a food product is tainted

1 Comment: The March of Time

Convocation procession highlights progress women were making at U of T

1 Comment: Marathon Man

Runner Danny Kassap recovers from a near-death event, with a little help from his friends

1 Comment: The Ties that Bind

Survey reveals that a large minority of students are caregivers

1 Comment: Shower Beers

And ice cream for breakfast: What you learn from living with strangers

1 Comment: Voice of Silence

Journalist Andrew Mitrovica meets one of In Cold Blood’s reticent Clutter sisters

1 Comment: 60 Seconds with Victoria Banks

The Nashville songwriter has released her first CD

1 Comment: Food for Thought

Nick Saul serves up healthy meals and civic engagement at The Stop

1 Comment: Our Home and Native Land

Recently, students travelled across Ontario to learn about the province’s First Nations

1 Comment: Reaching Higher

The Gordon Cressy Awards recognize new graduates who have made outstanding contributions to U of T. For these past winners, helping others has become a way of life

1 Comment: Breese Davies

“The privilege of living and working in Canada comes with the duty to protect the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable.”

1 Comment: Preena Chauhan

“I can always do more for others”

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about U of T’s Institute of Child Study, the war in Afghanistan, academic integrity and VE-Day on campus

1 Comment: 60 Seconds with Hal Niedzviecki

“The more we entertain ourselves by looking at other people’s lives, the less we connect to them as human beings”

1 Comment: The Boy in the Moon

Journalist Ian Brown offers a profoundly honest portrayal of life as a parent of a disabled child

1 Comment: Computer Vision

Want to know where an unidentified picture was taken? A computer program being developed at U of T can help

1 Comment: The Future of Regent Park

Will low-income tenants benefit from the neighbourhood’s redevelopment?

1 Comment: U of T’s Unique Advantages

Our size and global reach offer undergrads unrivalled opportunities

1 Comment: The Troublemaker

Ron Deibert’s inclination to thumb his nose at authority started young

1 Comment: The World’s Largest Telescope

As scientists prepare the next-generation space telescope, University of Toronto astronomers are pushing for an even larger ground-based scope

1 Comment: Ditching the Paper Cup

As Toronto considers a ban on take-away cups, a Victoria College café is forging ahead on its own

1 Comment: Gearing Up for Copenhagen

Will student protests make a difference at the UN’s climate conference in Copenhagen?

1 Comment: Road Thrill

Art profs create a sparkling underside to the Gardiner Expressway

1 Comment: Protecting the View

Should towers be visible behind Queen’s Park? An architecture grad fights to safeguard the view of Toronto’s most important heritage building

1 Comment: Boosting Your Cultural IQ

U of T programs help immigrants such as Norma Mendez re-establish their careers in Canada

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about “Out and Proud,” elections in Iran and cycling in the city

1 Comment: Georgia Coffee Star

A typhoon bears down on a travelling couple in the winning entry in the 2009 Alumni Short Story Contest

1 Comment: Anatomy of a Makeover

Architect Nader Tehrani talks about his company’s striking design for the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture

1 Comment: The Imagined City

In her new book, writer Sarah Elton aims to put Toronto on the literary map next to New York, Dublin and Paris

1 Comment: Mealtime Patriotism

Writer Sarah Elton argues in favour of local eating

1 Comment: What a School Can Be

Dr. Alison Kelford finds new meaning for “community” in Maasai Mara, Kenya

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers about how we measure society’s progress, ads that watch you, and protecting birds in the city

1 Comment: The Media’s Fault?

Tiger Woods doesn’t think personal sins should require public confessions. Media ethics prof and U of T alum Tom Cooper half agrees

1 Comment: Tweet the Vote

Social media will be a force in this fall’s Toronto election, if a group of recent grads have their way

1 Comment: An Apple for Teacher? How Quaint

Some U of T students go out of their way to express how much they appreciate their favourite prof

1 Comment: Puppy Love

Art history student Clare Somerville likes to take pictures of dogs and other beautiful creatures

1 Comment: Books Outbound

A new campus group wants to send leftover books from college book sales to schools that could use them

1 Comment: Where Are the Women?

Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay asks why only one-fifth of Canadian politicians are female

1 Comment: The Lost Left

Westerners who reject mainstream culture as “inauthentic” may, in fact, be status seekers, says Andrew Potter

1 Comment: Urban Living

Architecture grads imagine new forms of city housing

1 Comment: Addicted to Love

The American Psychiatric Association is considering whether “hypersexual disorder” should be included in its next guide to mental illness

1 Comment: The Dream Maker

Isaac Olowolafe Jr. donates $25,000 to help students in New College’s African Studies program

1 Comment: Our Green Future

U of T is rising to the global sustainability challenge

1 Comment: Learning to Let Go

In her new book, author Marni Jackson searches for the right level of involvement in her adult son’s life

1 Comment: Rock Star Lawyer

Erika Savage is helping to pioneer a new kind of recording contract at Universal Music Group

1 Comment: Funny Bones

Hart Hanson blends crime and comedy on his hit Fox TV show

1 Comment: Islamic Finance

Religion meets banking in a new course at Rotman

1 Comment: A Month in Medicine

Mentorship offers high schoolers a close-up look at a career in health

1 Comment: The Mobile Revolution

U of T libraries and bookstore adapt to the iPad era

1 Comment: Making Canada Heard

Benefactor Peter Munk hopes school bearing his name will help transmit Canadian values around the world

1 Comment: Fleeting Days

A new mother discovers her child’s infancy doesn’t last long

1 Comment: Warnings from the Red-Light Districts

Katie Palmer helps protect youth from sex tourists in Southeast Asia

1 Comment: The Autonomous Rebel

Like the rest of his generation, Environics co-founder and author Michael Adams has no plans to spend his twilight years in a rocking chair

1 Comment: Preventing Concussions

Dr. Charles Tator is trying to promote awareness of the dangers posed by even mild head injuries.

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Not in our backyard, the politics of eating, and culture and the law

1 Comment: Investing in Talent

Scholarships and bursaries transform lives

1 Comment: The Living City

Engineers are using the idea of “urban metabolism” to design more sustainable neighbourhoods

1 Comment: The Flying Photographer

89-year-old Lou Wise has dedicated much of his life to shooting images of the Earth from above

1 Comment: Detecting Cancer

A new technique using light and metal nanoparticles could help save lives

1 Comment: Islam and the Bible

What do Arabic translations of Christianity’s holy book reveal about three of the world’s great religions?

1 Comment: The Long Goodbye

ROSI, the aging online student service, is being replaced over the next several years with a friendlier, more flexible system

1 Comment: Tomorrow’s Doctors

Medical students will doubly benefit from Terrence Donnelly’s new gift

1 Comment: Letters

Readers weigh in on the “The Next Big Idea” and aviation’s early days in Canada

1 Comment: The Debut

How do you write a bestselling first novel? If you’re Tom Rachman, you start by majoring in film

1 Comment: Maquila Bird

Runner-up in the 2011 Alumni Short Story Contest

1 Comment: The History of Snow

Finalist in the 2011 Alumni Poetry Contest

1 Comment: Graduation Day

Alumni recall the joy, excitement — and relief — of earning their U of T degree

1 Comment: At Your Service

After three decades as a reporter, Caitlin Kelly enters the low-wage world of retail

1 Comment: The Watchman

Human rights researcher Samer Muscati helps Iraqis find justice in a nation beginning to rebuild

1 Comment: Glittering Dubrovnik

Bombed by Serbian forces during the Yugoslavian War in 1991, this ancient city has regained its former glory

1 Comment: Bad Drivers?

U of T study shatters myth that recent immigrants cause more car accidents than other Canadians

1 Comment: Say the Right Thing

Student-developed app helps people with speech problems express themselves – at a fraction of the cost of other devices

1 Comment: Always the Victim?

A criminology student questions long-standing assumptions about women and domestic violence

1 Comment: Translator to the World

Entrepreneur David Lucatch is tearing down online language barriers

1 Comment: Rotman Goes to School

New program teaches integrative thinking to Toronto high school students

1 Comment: The Value of Great Teaching

U of T is committed to providing students with a unique, globally oriented learning experience

1 Comment: Neighbourhood Watch

Students in U of T Scarborough’s City Studies program learn first-hand how local immigrants are adapting to life in Canada

1 Comment: Is That Mozart, or a Machine?

Software developed at U of T can compose music in classical, pop or jazz styles – and as a solo or an ensemble of different instruments

1 Comment: Breath of Life

Bev Bradley is developing technology to give hospitals in low-income countries a more reliable supply of medical oxygen

1 Comment: Monique and Haijo Westra

Sometimes love does happen in an elevator

1 Comment: Computer Whiz

Dag Spicer talks tech at his Silicon Valley museum

1 Comment: Stem Cell Pioneers

Discovery by James Till and Ernest McCulloch stands as “one of the most remarkable medical-research achievements of the 20th century”

1 Comment: Political Insider

At Massey College, Michael Ignatieff teaches students about the hard realities of Parliament Hill

1 Comment: Boundless!

U of T launches a historic $2 billion fundraising campaign

1 Comment: Remembering the Nanking Massacre

Diana Tso’s play Red Snow focuses on the “forgotten holocaust”

1 Comment: Driven

Albert Tan uses the Brenizer method to get a new photographic effect on a familiar subject

1 Comment: Rob Ford, the Opera

In which God may or may not be Margaret Atwood

1 Comment: Through the Leaves

Can photographing someone’s art be considered an art? Chris Cachia thinks so.

1 Comment: An Apple for the Students

Autistic children develop better communications skills when using iPads, researcher finds

1 Comment: Peer Pressure

A nursing prof is using social networks to help reduce the spread of HIV-AIDS in Ghana

1 Comment: How India Innovates

A new institute will study the country’s successes

1 Comment: Scholarship Honours Toronto Developer

Friends and family of the late Paul Oberman have created an award for architecture and urban design

1 Comment: Planet Hunters

With the discovery of hundreds of worlds around other stars, will we find that Earth is not alone in bearing life?

1 Comment: Distinctive Strength

Exciting, dynamic growth is happening at U of T’s east and west campuses

1 Comment: Who’s the Smartest of Them All?

Laura Suen, a recent U of T grad, placed second in the CBC show Canada’s Smartest Person

1 Comment: la mamá

Catalina Zuleta finds artistic inspiration in the ordinary

1 Comment: Doves Cry

Jay Han shows how art can transcend the limitations of language

1 Comment: In Pursuit of Justice

Two U of T students recommend reparations for victims of child soldiers in Uganda

1 Comment: Faster, Higher, Stronger

You don’t need an Olympic training regimen to get healthy through exercise

1 Comment: Mehreen and Arsalan Rashid

The heart wants what the heart wants, but Mehreen and Arsalan offer a lesson in the virtues of patience

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Readers reminisce about their learning experiences with Northrop Frye and Marshall McLuhan.

1 Comment: Perfect Harmony

A new U of T research centre will investigate the curative power of music

1 Comment: Status: Indian

Jeff Dupuis writes a poetic commentary on Aboriginal Affairs

1 Comment: Dreamtime and the What of the Shadow

Cory Ingram’s creative exploration of life evokes a dreamlike quality

1 Comment: Breaking in to the Big Time

How Saad Siddiqui used martial arts to kick-start an acting career

1 Comment: Blue and White Pride

New chancellor Michael Wilson is pumped to champion University of Toronto spirit

1 Comment: City Building

The Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design unveils a bold plan to transform historic One Spadina

1 Comment: Eastern Promise

U of T celebrates its connections to the Asia-Pacific region

1 Comment: Voter Inequality

In a federal election, why does a vote from Charlottetown count for more than one from Markham?

1 Comment: The Mud Bowl

Canada Post commemorates an iconic moment at U of T’s Varsity Stadium

1 Comment: The Technopreneurs

Science students get a month-long crash course in turning an idea into a viable business at U of T’s “Techno” program

1 Comment: Stone World Love

David Nichols triggers sensory experience with words

1 Comment: Family History Sleuth

As a genealogical researcher, Kristina Bedford’s work runs the gamut from interpreting 11th-century documents to locating family gravestones

1 Comment: Urban Crusader

CivicAction CEO Mitzie Hunter is a champion for a better Toronto

1 Comment: Cry the Beloved Country

A network of Syrian expats is bringing youth abroad to study in safety

1 Comment: Patent Wars

Intellectual property rights are intended to foster innovation. But could they actually be stifling it?

1 Comment: Fish Market

Emily Paskevics writes about a vivid encounter at the market in Sonsonate, El Salvador

1 Comment: Ontario’s First Female Architect

After convocating, Esther Marjorie Hill went on to design rooms of her own

1 Comment: My Father’s Mother

Finalist in the 2013 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

1 Comment: Supporting African Scholars

A $22.5-million donation from MasterCard Foundation will bring bright young students to U of T

1 Comment: Dream Job

Cybill Lui worked for years on Wall Street, then followed her heart into the high-risk world of film production

1 Comment: Rent Anything!

Many of us have valuable stuff we rarely use. Now you can rent it out, thanks to a peer-to-peer platform from grad Martin Wong that works just like Airbnb

1 Comment: Activism 2.0

What’s different about today’s environmental activists? Tools of the trade, says Emily Hunter, and a sense that change must happen now

1 Comment: An “A” for Teamwork

You’ve heard of crowdfunding. With crowdmarking, a U of T prof hopes to change how students are evaluated

1 Comment: The Softness of Bodies

After a flood, a woman is haunted by the hundreds of fish stuck in her fence

1 Comment: Froshies

Sadia Awan takes us back to Frosh 2011

1 Comment: In Memoriam: J.N. Patterson Hume

As a co-founder of the computer science department, Hume helped usher in the Information Age

1 Comment: Paving the Way for the Information Highway

U of T profs are the first to send computer data across Canada

1 Comment: Time to Talk

Helen Walsh has an answer to political polarization and crisis: genuine conversation

1 Comment: Pictures from Above

Remote-controlled drone makes aerial cinematography much faster and cheaper

1 Comment: Screen Time

Online courses are big, bold and potentially game-changing for higher education

1 Comment: Online Learning through U of T

U of T has offered nine MOOCs since September 2012

1 Comment: Arctic Sea Ice in Century-Long Decline

U of T scientist uses long-lived algae to track annual changes in northern climate back to 1300s

1 Comment: Chocolate Scientist

Elena Grouios works in a chocolate factory, inventing new treats. Sweet!

1 Comment: Herb Appeal

Scientists aim to isolate and harness marijuana’s pain-killing properties to create more effective medicines

1 Comment: Buzzing about Bees

What’s the buzz around urban beekeeping? Gurushabd Khalsa tells all

1 Comment: Singing It for Themselves

Erin Bardua and Maureen Batt founded an opera company that’s not highbrow or high-cost, but simply fun

1 Comment: Where People Pedal

Why are some wards more popular among cyclists than others?

1 Comment: In Memoriam: Richard Simeon

A talent for building bridges made Simeon a sought-after advisor on federalism

1 Comment: Rights under Siege

U of T hosts the World Pride Human Rights Conference to give LGBT activists a voice

1 Comment: Visual Aide

The biomedical communications program at U of T Mississauga helps students communicate complex ideas

1 Comment: Job Ready

U of T is developing new programs to help students succeed after graduation

1 Comment: What Can Patients and Physicians Do?

Dr. Allison McGeer gives advice on the use of antibiotics

1 Comment: In Vino Veritas

An anthropology degree adds depth to Adrian Marquez’s work as a sommelier

1 Comment: Don’t Click That Link — Walk Through That Door!

A computer science grad reimagines two-dimensional web pages as 3-D virtual worlds

1 Comment: Do You Want Your Kids to Tell the Truth?

Some children’s stories are much better than others at instilling honesty, research finds

1 Comment: Restoring UC’s Glory

University College is embarking on an ambitious 10-year plan to renovate one of U of T’s most iconic buildings

1 Comment: A Fine Set of Pipes

Being hired as the first female organist at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England was music to Rachel Mahon’s ears.

1 Comment: [untitled]

Winner of the 2015 U of T Magazine Poetry Contest

1 Comment: The Boy on the Streetcar

Readers’ favourite in the 2015 U of T Magazine Short Story Contest

1 Comment: The Future As We See It

Five intriguing technologies that could change your life by 2025

1 Comment: What Happens to Our Digital Selves When We Die?

For Facebook and other technology companies it’s still an open – and troublesome – question

1 Comment: Labour Troubles

Canada’s temporary foreign workers program needs a rethink, says immigration expert Jeffrey Reitz

1 Comment: Forensic Engineer

Bob Banks trained as both an engineer and a doctor… and now he investigates plane, car, and even space crashes in order to prevent future accidents

1 Comment: Woman’s Time

Around the world, there’s a shift happening for women and girls, says activist Sally Armstrong

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Praise for mindfulness, a new ultra-cool record, concerns about the hidden labour pool

1 Comment: The Blue and White Society Cheerleaders

“Shout! Fight! Blue and White!”

1 Comment: Changed by War: Forgotten Warriors – Animals at War

Millions of animals served on both sides of the conflict. Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae developed close bonds with his horse Bonfire and dogs Bonneau and Mike

1 Comment: Ali Saeed – In Memoriam

The ambitious student’s sudden death rocked his wide circle of friends and inspired many to emulate his generosity

1 Comment: Elementary, My Dear Watson

Computer science students are developing a legal application for IBM’s Jeopardy-winning computer as part of $100,000 contest

1 Comment: The North’s Vanishing Past

Max Friesen is racing against time to preserve the cultural history of Canada’s western arctic people

1 Comment: Uniting the Humans of U of T

Jemel Ganal’s photographic “census” celebrates personal stories of the campus community

1 Comment: U of T Birthday Quiz

U of T celebrates its 188th anniversary on Sunday, March 15. Here’s a chance to test your knowledge of all things U of T!

1 Comment: Tiny Strokes May Cause Dementia

A U of T medical imaging study suggests lifestyle changes and medications could reduce brain’s white matter loss

1 Comment: The Dark Corners of Our DNA

A “deep-learning” algorithm shines a light on mutations in once-obscure areas of the genome

1 Comment: Today, Oxford. Tomorrow, the World

Students Caroline Leps and Moustafa Abdalla win Rhodes Scholarships

1 Comment: A Global Talent Destination

U of T’s ability to attract international graduate students is important to our – and Ontario’s – long-term success

1 Comment: Letters to the Editor

Rankings overload, debating the use of fur in clothing and the pros and cons of fracking

1 Comment: Man on the Move

New Toronto mayor John Tory aims to get the city back on track

1 Comment: Green Light for Student Commons

Long-awaited St. George student centre to open on College Street in 2017

1 Comment: Flamenco Dancer

At a crossroads between academia and the life of a dancer, Evelyne Benaïs-Lemelin chose her passion

1 Comment: Personal Best

A chronic condition doesn’t need to stop you from pushing yourself athletically

1 Comment: Paperbacks Alongside 3D Printers

New Toronto city librarian Vickery Bowles wants everyone to read, write, create

1 Comment: John Evans Was a Champion of Innovative Medical Education

U of T’s ninth president truly changed the world

1 Comment: The Enduring Relevance of the Humanities

They open our minds to the world – and the possibilities – around us

1 Comment: Anatomy of an Illustrator

Artist Maria Torrence Wishart founded U of T’s 90-year-old medical illustration department, now a thriving master’s program

1 Comment: Follow All 21 of U of T’s Pan Am Athletes

Cheer on the Canadian team and watch this page as we post results

1 Comment: The Toronto Biomedical Cluster

With U of T as its academic anchor, the region has emerged as a global hub of biomedical innovation

1 Comment: New Centre to Fight Cancer

A U of T Mississauga team is tackling some of the most fatal forms of the disease

1 Comment: Poll: How Many Times a Week Do You Exercise?

Half of U of T students get less than the 150 minutes a week that’s recommended

1 Comment: Tree Hugger

Geography grad creates a whole new way to see the UTM grounds

1 Comment: From Good to Great

23 ideas for building an even better Toronto

1 Comment: Robarts Expansion to Begin This Spring

Five-floor addition will boost study and meeting spaces

1 Comment: Small is Beautiful

Alumnus David MacLean is creating a small-scale Toronto – his first step to miniaturizing the entire country

1 Comment: A Canadian Hero for Mental Health

Twenty years ago, Michael Wilson witnessed the terrible impact of stigma around mental illness. He’s been working tirelessly to erase it ever since

1 Comment: War Child

Michel Chikwanine talks about his long, difficult journey to the African Studies program at U of T

1 Comment: Roy Ivor Hall

A U of T Mississauga residence is named after the Birdman of Mississauga

1 Comment: Team Spirit

Adolescents who play team sports are less likely to experience mental illness later in life, study finds

1 Comment: A Cut Above

A “black box” for the operating room is leading to improved training for physicians and better knowledge of surgical errors

1 Comment: Cooling Off

Will the Paris climate accord succeed where Kyoto didn’t?

1 Comment: Uberization

Companies such as Uber are disrupting entire industries, but this is good for the economy overall, says an economics prof

1 Comment: Some Enchanted Evening

How the Canadian Officer Training Corps Ball brought sparkle to Hart House

1 Comment: Those Things We Do

Relive some of the wonderful, and occasionally weird, traditions that happen only at U of T

1 Comment: Urban Angel

Judy Matthews and her husband have given $25 million to turn a stretch of derelict land under the Gardiner into a vibrant park

1 Comment: U of T to Take Action on Truth and Reconciliation Commission

There is a window open now – but it won’t stay open forever, says James Bird, an indigenous student at U of T

1 Comment: Everyone’s Campus Home

New warden John Monahan on the allure of Hart House

1 Comment: Chair for Investor Rights Seeks Better Protections for Canadians

A gift from the Honourable Hal Jackman establishes the J.R. Kimber Chair at the Faculty of Law

1 Comment: 21 More Things Every U of T Student Should Do Before They Graduate

Go sledding at UTSC, perform in the UC follies, paint the UTSU dome and much more!

1 Comment: “We Remember Him with Pride”

U of T alum Walter Kohn rose above tragedy to earn a Nobel Prize in chemistry

1 Comment: July Talk

U of T alum attends concert, accepts singer’s challenge

1 Comment: Remembering Austin Clarke

U of T alum was among the first writers in Canada to pay attention to everyday life in Toronto. He was also a champion of social justice

1 Comment: This Side of Paradise

U of T grads and guests enjoy a University College garden party during Convocation 1930

1 Comment: Arriving in a Place Where Almost No One Looks Like You

Certain immigrant experiences – such as the tales of those in rural communities – are overlooked in Canada, writes Sana Malik

1 Comment: “Take Your Best Shot!” 2016 Photo Contest Winners

Dozens of superb entries from around the world, few easy decisions for the judges

1 Comment: The Inner Lives of Gang Members

Professor Randol Contreras spends time with the Maravilla in Los Angeles

1 Comment: The Cost of “Painless” Payment

Making purchases by card and smartphone instead of cash changes our perception of value — and that could spell trouble for consumers

1 Comment: An Historic Investment in Canadian Science and Innovation

$190 million will be spent upgrading U of T’s research labs

1 Comment: On Being a Woman in Science

Canada’s minister of science Kirsty Duncan wrote about her experiences as a young scientist in Hunting the 1918 Flu

1 Comment: What Do Hip Hop and Beowulf Have in Common?

Gilbert Perkins uses urban music to teach students about literature

1 Comment: Munk One Students Think Locally, Act Globally

The Munk School of Global Affairs encourages students to apply what they learn to a global issue they’re passionate about. Sometimes it saves lives

1 Comment: Life and Death in an Addis Ababa ER

Dr. James Maskalyk describes a day in an emergency room in Ethiopia

1 Comment: The English of a Millennium Ago

Now at “H,” the Dictionary of Old English aims to define every word from the language’s earliest days

1 Comment: Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Mystery of Genetic Disease?

Prof. Brendan Frey and his team are harnessing machine learning to figure out what makes us sick

1 Comment: A New Sense of Community at the School of Graduate Studies

Renovated space marries history with innovation to better serve U of T’s booming grad student population

1 Comment: Overcoming Bias with Teaching

Shafique Virani spoke powerfully against Islamophobia at a recent TEDx Talk. The key to countering it, he says, is education

1 Comment: A Revolution in Artificial Intelligence

Toronto’s Vector Institute aims to attract the world’s leading minds in a booming field

1 Comment: U of T Gains Global Edge

Applications from several countries soar as international students rethink where to attend university

1 Comment: In Memoriam: Rose Wolfe

Former chancellor remembered for her wit and warmth

1 Comment: Sebastian Brown’s Sidewalk Saloon

U of T alum pushes his piano two kilometres to play ragtime on Toronto’s streets

1 Comment: A Stronger Safety Net

Can a minimum income guarantee help lift people out of poverty? Ontario is about to find out

1 Comment: Lost Words

Dozens of Indigenous languages in Canada are in danger of disappearing. What will it take to save them?

1 Comment: So You Want to Build a Startup?

10 tips from some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs

1 Comment: 3D Movies in the Sky

A U of T startup is developing a whole new kind of night-time entertainment

1 Comment: Doctors Make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?

The health-care system isn’t foolproof, and it’s time to open up about it, says U of T alumnus Dr. Brian Goldman

1 Comment: Some Forgetfulness? It’s a Good Thing

Researchers discover that our brain erases certain memories for a reason

1 Comment: What Canada Got Right

An acceptance of diversity may be the country’s defining strength

1 Comment: How Much Methane?

A U of T study aims to create the most accurate estimate yet of Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions

1 Comment: Taking Waste off the Menu

U of T grad Lucy Cullen has been named one of Canada’s top environmentalists for helping restaurants earn more – by throwing away less

1 Comment: Save Your Money

Entrepreneur Tricia Jose is targeting millennials and the precariously employed with an app that helps you manage your cash

No Comments: Smashing!

Now that the Large Hadron Collider is working, U of T physicists are preparing to sift through mountains of data in search of the elusive Higgs boson

No Comments: Compete and Prosper

Rotman creates the J. Douglas and Ruth Grant Chair in Competitiveness

No Comments: The Naughty-Naughts

Celebrating the creation of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

No Comments: Hong Kong Scholars

Foundation assists Hong Kong students pursuing undergraduate studies at U of T

No Comments: The Rose Wolfe Distinguished Alumni Award

Awarded to Dr. Chao-Shiuan Liu, vice-premier of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

No Comments: Travelling Doctors Bag Nobel Peace Prize

Médecins sans frontières (MSF) is helmed by alum, Dr. James Orbinski

No Comments: Why They Give

Giving back to U of T

No Comments: Help for Palliative Care and Pain Control

Donations establish new professorship at U of T

No Comments: Given with GRADitude

Wheelchair-accessible picnic table is a gift from the department of occupational therapy’s class of ’98

No Comments: Caring for Caregivers

Study results suggest need for more in-home support services for grandparent caregivers

No Comments: Food for Thought

Researchers suggest humans evolved near water before moving inland

No Comments: Playing Politics

Authors say popular English theatre troupe of 1580s was supported by the Crown

No Comments: Salt-water solution

Isolation of a gene could improve farming productivity in areas of the world where crops are compromised by saline irrigation water

No Comments: Stay the Course

Researchers test perceptions of highway traffic speed

No Comments: An Inspired Appointment

Robert Birgeneau, alumnus and internationally acclaimed physicist, chosen U of T’s 14th president

No Comments: Eye in the Sky

Ophthalmologist James Oestreicher circles the globe to treat patients in a converted DC-10

No Comments: Triumph

The trophy presented to Henry Crawford Griffith, champion of athletics

No Comments: Author Urquhart Gets Honorary Degree

Henry Louis Gates among other honorary degree recipients

No Comments: Stamp of Honour

A.G. Huntsman Award will be given to an outstanding zoology graduate student

No Comments: Why They Give

Why these alumni gave to U of T

No Comments: Miller Lash and the Millennium

Restoring historic house at UTSC

No Comments: Success Upon Success

John W. Graham Library achieves library campaign goal of $10 million

No Comments: High Marks for Icing

An urban art assignment results in a outdoor rink on front campus

No Comments: Peace in Their Time

Evidence of peace and co-operation in the numerous religious communities of Caesarea Maritima

No Comments: Why Drinkers Smoke

Nicotine in cigarettes can promote alcohol consumption

No Comments: The Benefits of Fast Food

Low-grade or even recycled food grease can be turned into a usable diesel fuel substitute

No Comments: A Place for People and Ideas

New technologies will enrich, not replace, interaction between members of the university

No Comments: A Commanding Force

Alumni wanted an organization to keep them in touch with their alma mater, and the wife of the president recognized that there is strength in numbers. The time was right to establish the University of Toronto Alumni Association

No Comments: Artists & Entertainers

Theatre, literature and fine arts alumni

No Comments: The GG and U of T

The Right Hon. Adrienne Clarkson is sworn in as Governor General

No Comments: The President’s Gown

The magnificent robe was created in 1985

No Comments: Kudos

Appointments to the Order of Canada and other award recognitions

No Comments: Awards of Excellence

University of Toronto Alumni Association’s awards

No Comments: School Ties

Poll of recent grads

No Comments: Open the Gates

Architectural feature will enhance the university and the city

No Comments: Class of ’47 Engineers

Giving to future engineers

No Comments: Chair for Bill Davis

Chair in Community College leadership

No Comments: Why They Give

Giving back to U of T

No Comments: Support for Aches and Pains

U of T’s Centre for the Study of Pain

No Comments: Architects of the World

Dean emeritus of architecture establishes fellowship for study at Taliesin West

No Comments: Honorary Degrees

Honorary doctorates given at spring convocation ceremonies

No Comments: 1 Degree = 20 Credits

Governing Council votes to eliminate the three-year A&S undergraduate degree

No Comments: Six Big Awards

Killam Prizes and fellowships from the American Guggenheim Foundation

No Comments: The Cosmic Speed Limit

Professor emeritus John Moffat is questioning Einstein’s theory of relativity

No Comments: Painful Truth

Study shows women with severe arthritis are half as likely to undergo surgery than men

No Comments: Life on Mars?

Finding the answers to how humans could possibly explore Mars

No Comments: A Taxing Question

Income near equal for one-earner and two-earner families with children

No Comments: Doodles Not to be Marginalized

Book margins notes reveal the period and the reading habits of the past

No Comments: More Than Meets the Eye

Glaucoma affects major vision centres in the brain, as well as eyes

No Comments: A Good Time to Say Goodbye

Incoming president takes office at a very promising moment in the history of the university

No Comments: Cross-Reference

Italo-Byzantine crosses part of the Lillian Malcove Collection

No Comments: Zeal

William Holman Hunt’s portrait of Henry Wentworth Monk

No Comments: A Huge Presence

Through the lens of Lee Miller

No Comments: The Art of Change

The University of Toronto Art Centre has reopened as a mature gallery, with U of T’s own collections and travelling exhibits on view

No Comments: Did Someone Say ‘Eureka’?

The great idea is just the first step – that’s when the Innovations Foundation steps in. Now it’s looking for alumni who can help take new discoveries to market

No Comments: Of Murder and Magic

The inspiration for the fanciful novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Caroline Roe sprang from the U of T campus

No Comments: Bell Époque

The chime of the St. Michael’s College bell

No Comments: Stompin’ Tom’s thesis

Canadian singer awarded honorary degree

No Comments: Kudos

Order of Canada appointments

No Comments: The Artful Annie

Collaborative fine art program offered by UTM and Sheridan College

No Comments: The Wounds of War

Over 6,000 connected with the university served in the active forces during WWI

No Comments: Remembering Lois Marshall

Chair in voice studies established in Marshall’s memory

No Comments: Why They Give

Giving back to U of T

No Comments: Lessons of the Holocaust

Chancellor emerita establishes chair in Holocaust Studies

No Comments: A Protein Worth Probing

New research in colorectal cancer

No Comments: Urban Grime Rate

Study finds hazardous pollutants

No Comments: Fast, Safe Fibroid Removal

New treatment for fibroids

No Comments: The Skinny on Smoking Less

New research in nicotine addiction

No Comments: Ethnic Isolation

Ethnic communities risk being at a disadvantage

No Comments: Getting to Know U

Stepping foot on campus again after 37 years is both a return to the past and a challenge for the future

No Comments: Welcome to the Club

Faculty Club celebrates 40th anniversary

No Comments: Light Heavyweights

A team of U of T scientists has won an international fight to control light and make it dance like electrons. A new era in telecommunications and computing is about to enter the ring

No Comments: Alphabet Soup

More than a decade ago, a bunch of U of T characters began to dine from A to Z using the Yellow Pages as a restaurant guide

No Comments: Superconductor?

In addition to his administrative duties, the new president will continue his research on high-temperature superconductors. To do all that, he may have to be one himself

No Comments: Royal Gems

Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the founding of Victoria College

No Comments: Hummel Named to Order of Canada

In other award news, curator Ydessa Hendeles receives an honorary degree

No Comments: The History of the Skule

Book looks back on the history of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

No Comments: Valued Volunteer

Remembering Hiles Carter

No Comments: Musical Chairs

Event raises funds for the purchase of 30 to 35 ergonomic chairs

No Comments: Chair Named for Frank Gehry

$2-million endowment supports International Visiting Chair in Architectural Design

No Comments: Mixing Business with Volunteerism

MBA entrance award established for the voluntary sector

No Comments: The Burger King and the Prime Minister

Scholarship established scholarship in honour of favourite Canadian PM

No Comments: Pachter Moose Takes Up Residence

Art gift to Graduate House residence

No Comments: Architectural Awards for UTM

City of Mississauga 2000 Urban Design Award of Excellence

No Comments: Knee-deep in Olympic champions

U of T athletes on the podium

No Comments: Ian Manners Wins Steacie Prize

Awards for U of T faculty

No Comments: We’re Still Number 1

U of T is tops again in medical/doctoral category of Maclean’s Canadian universities rankings

No Comments: Broadcasting Live from U of T

U of T hosts four-part series on globalization broadcast live by TVOntario

No Comments: C-sections Safest For Breech Births

New study comparing planned c-sections with planned vaginal births

No Comments: Alzheimer’s Vaccine?

Study by researchers in the Faculty of Medicine

No Comments: Resourceful Device

Risk and expense of extensive drilling not required with new energy sourcing device

No Comments: Speedy Little Old Fossil

Oldest known fossil of a two-footed, running creature

No Comments: Freedom 60?

Seniors benefit from public programs when retiring between the ages 60 and 61

No Comments: Great Expectations

With a new billion-dollar campaign goal, the only way for U of T is up

No Comments: A Driving Force

The R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre will fuel genetic solutions for the prevention and treatment of disease

No Comments: Stay Tuned

The spirit of Edward S. Rogers Sr. is energizing a new wave in communications

No Comments: Seats of Power

U of T will establish 271 Canada Research Chairs over the next five years, and some of them will be secured in perpetuity

No Comments: A Matter of Degree

Endowing graduate student assistance will ensure that U of T can compete for stellar doctoral students, like the four profiled here

No Comments: Fertile Foundations

After 30 years of flat growth, new buildings are beginning to pop up all over

No Comments: The Banker’s Tale

Tony Comper is a lover of Chaucer. When he set out on his personal pilgrimage, it brought him full circle — back to U of T to chair its campaign

No Comments: The Real Backbone

Alumni and friends are providing the solid support that the university will need in the future

No Comments: Heart & Soul

Alumni, like the 30 profiled here, have given to the campaign for diverse reasons. No matter what cause they support, their help serves one central purpose — nurturing students

No Comments: Youth Revisited

Seniors’ group shows no signs of slowing down

No Comments: Kudos

Distinguished Educators Award and the Helmut Kallman Prize

No Comments: A Lifetime of Study

Alumna earned a U of T degree at age 87

No Comments: Celebrating 100

Grad sent the university $25 for the construction of Alumni Gates

No Comments: Why They Give

Supporting education

No Comments: In Support of Multiculturalism

Researchers to study how new immigrants overcome difficulties and settle in Canada

No Comments: The Emperor’s New Scholarship

Annual scholarship for Sexual Diversity Studies program

No Comments: Stars Above

Asteroid named in honour of professor emeritus

No Comments: Mission to MaRS?

U of T supports MaRS, a non-profit innovation centre

No Comments: Theatre of Love

Alfred Bader donates $6 million for the construction of Victoria College theatre

No Comments: Rocks of Ages

Discovering the path of granite magma

No Comments: Healthy Diets Go Straight to the Brain

Lowering fat intake is good for your brain

No Comments: Show and Tell

Instruction manual to “how to” film

No Comments: Breast Milk a Baby-Booster

Breast milk protein jump-starts the immune system in newborns

No Comments: Seeking a Single E-male?

Digital dating is becoming a convenient alternative in the single scene

No Comments: Go with the Flo

The writing of Florence Nightingale brought to light

No Comments: Don’t Pressure Me!

Study finds that unhappy marriages increase blood pressure

No Comments: The Great Divide?

The truly educated should be able to navigate the boundary where art and science meet

No Comments: Stage Presence

Ensconced below grade, Hart House Theatre provided a foundation for Canadian theatre, but recently it almost disappeared entirely

No Comments: Classic Carson

The past is always intensely present for poet, novelist and classicist Anne Carson

No Comments: There Are No Small Potatoes

To New Yorker scribe Malcolm Gladwell, little things make a huge difference. Right now, he has his eye on his next big idea – french fries

No Comments: Lodes of Culture

U of T researchers are unearthing the A-Æ-B-Cs of cultural history from medieval times to the present

No Comments: Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux

Pérez-Leroux wants to break down prejudices about bilingualism. She notes that some immigrants, sadly, do not pass their native language on to their children

No Comments: Derek Penslar

“Look at the Jewish history books on my shelves written in the prewar period. Tremendous erudition, but encased in a mythological framework so thick that it severely limits their usefulness”

No Comments: Brave New Worlds

In the fresh vocabulary for teaching the humanities, the old must mix with the new

No Comments: Michael Morgan Named Moss Scholar

UTAA honours students, staff and faculty with Awards of Excellence

No Comments: All in the Family

Three generations of women work or study at U of T

No Comments: New Student Centre for UTSC

Students vote to contribute $60 a year each to project

No Comments: Keeping Canada on the Radar Screen

New chairs established at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

No Comments: Birgeneau Elected to Royal Society

Former president Robert Prichard named president of Torstar, and three profs pick up Killam Fellowships

No Comments: AIDS Lab to Be Upgraded

$300,000 injection will make U of T a real contender on the HIV research front, says program director

No Comments: Remembering Churchill

Reading room named after the former British prime minister

No Comments: Practice Makes Perfect

State-of-the-art pharmacy lab will include compounding and dispensing facilities

No Comments: Our New Look

U of T Magazine undergoes a facelift

No Comments: A Fly on the Wall, Literally

Parasitic flies may hold secret to better hearing-aid technology

No Comments: Divining the Message

Manuscripts shed new light on life in mediaeval Italy

No Comments: Abuse Is Not Just Physical

National study reveals that most child welfare investigations are due to neglect and emotional abuse

No Comments: The Travel Bug Can Kill You

Malaria is becoming a serious health threat for international travellers

No Comments: Private Practice and the Public Purse

“We need to rethink the scope of out public health-care system,” says law prof

No Comments: What Was I Thinking?

Ecstasy use can lead to memory impairment, study finds

No Comments: Natural Reactions

Herbs and other natural remedies can have negative side effects or harmful interactions with drugs

No Comments: Star Students

Tilo Kunath, Naana Jumah and Sheila Heti

No Comments: Grand Designs

Banu Khurana, Andrew Jones and Sywa Sung

No Comments: Good Eggs

Maliha Chishti, Bhante Saranapala, Jim O’Mara, Lesra Martin, Bindu Dhaliwal and Duff Conacher

No Comments: The Tangled Web

Hal Niedzviecki, Eva Lau, Elliot Noss, Tara Ariano and Bobby John

No Comments: In Their Own Write

Kenneth Oppel, Andrew Pyper, Lynn Crosbie, Cristina Kuok, David Layton and Tim Long

No Comments: Mad About Science and Math

Rachel Tyndale, Vincent Tropepe, Deborah Fels, Shaf Keshavjee, Ed Doolittle, Akiko Iwasaki

No Comments: Media Stars

Avi Lewis, Nora Young and Ruby Bhatia

No Comments: Drama Queens

Krista Sutton, Jean Yoon, Kim Gaynor, Elvira Kurt and Kate Taylor

No Comments: Big on Business

Paul Giannaris, Dionne England, Eira Thomas, Natalie Townsend and Leonard Asper

No Comments: Music Mavens

Measha Brueggergosman, Russell Braun, Amber Meredith, James Rolfe, Patricia O’Callaghan and Adam Goddard

No Comments: The Sorcerer

Since leaving tax law, David Ben has become one of the world’s greatest sleight-of-hand artists

No Comments: Lend Me an Ear!

Former president James Loudon purchased this papier mâché ear from a leading medical model maker in the 19th century

No Comments: Good Medicine

Alumni have been the life blood behind Doctors Without Borders

No Comments: Mentoring a Part of Social Work

Program brings back master of social work alumni to help new grads develop job search strategies and make contacts

No Comments: Institute of Child Study Marks 75th

600 alumni of the lab school gather to mark an historic occasion

No Comments: Aggressive Humanitarianism

Grads provide medical services in some of the world’s most violent regions with Doctors Without Borders

No Comments: A Financial First

New long-term debentures will help finance new residences for the double cohort

No Comments: Profs Nab Major Academic Awards

Kalow wins Killam Prize, Mitrovica picks up McLean Award

No Comments: East Meets West

Gift will fund scholarship for students from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

No Comments: Bronfman Chair Named

Emanuel Adler will be inaugural holder of Andrea and Charles Bronfman Chair in Israeli Studies

No Comments: A Down-to-Earth Geographer

Biography chronicles Donald Fulton Putnam’s 40-year association with U of T

No Comments: Tuning in to the Past

Faculty of Music library acquires first tune book in Upper Canada

No Comments: Crystal-clear Photonics

New optical material could revolutionize the telecommunications industry

No Comments: Why People Turn to Euthanasia

Loss of social connections plays a major role, researchers find

No Comments: Is Oscar Good for Your Health?

A study has found that Academy Award winners live an average of four years longer than their less well known peers

No Comments: Cages of Contradiction

Women’s prisons fail to offer resources for those with addictions or in abusive relationships, study finds

No Comments: Virtual Thrills, Real Gains

Computer games may help children with cerebral palsy, study finds

No Comments: U.S. of Eh?

Canadian English is not being Americanized to the extent once thought, and in fact the reverse is also happening

No Comments: Levelling the Playing Field

Undergraduate student aid ought to be based on need

No Comments: Doctor on Call

Between her teaching and her practice, Dr. Miriam Rossi has dispensed a huge dose of guidance and inspiration to minority students

No Comments: Highs and Lows

The Glycemic Index, developed at U of T, offers a dietary plan for controlling diabetes

No Comments: Can Diabetes be Prevented?

Even modest changes in diet and exercise reduce risk for Type 2 Diabetes by more than half, study finds

No Comments: Storm Warning

Conditions are brewing for a major epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes

No Comments: The Miracle Workers

They are on the cutting edge. And they are doing their work right here. A chronology of medical breakthroughs at U of T over the past 20 years

No Comments: The Meaning of Life?

Scientists have mapped the sequence of our genes – all 35,000 of them. So what now? U of T researchers are at the forefront of what some are calling the New Biology

No Comments: Cell Central

A new research centre will spawn scientific collaboration

No Comments: The Last Scene

Last scene of all…is second childishness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans everything

No Comments: The Sixth Age

The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered Pantaloon, with spectacles on nose and pouch on side

No Comments: The Justice

And then the justice…full of wise saws and modern instances

No Comments: The Soldier

Then a soldier,
 full of strange oaths…
jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel

No Comments: The Lover

And then the lover, sighing like furnace with a woeful ballad

No Comments: The Schoolboy

Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel and shining morning face

No Comments: The Infant

At first, the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms

No Comments: The Seven Stages of Life

A guide to health, from our first entrance on stage to our final act

No Comments: Forestry Grad Among Arbor Winners

Monte Hummel, president of World Wildlife Fund Canada, was one of 92 Arbor Award nominees

No Comments: And the Winner Is…

1941 grad finally receives award she won more than 60 years earlier

No Comments: Daniel Brooks Picks Up $100,000 Theatre Prize

In other awards, prof Robin Armstrong receives honorary degree

No Comments: Making History

Dominion Institute aims to inform Canadians about their own history

No Comments: Profs Win GG Awards

Thomas Homer-Dixon nabs non-fiction prize, George Elliott Clarke picks up poetry award

No Comments: A Tale of Two Cities

New York resident Laura Chunosoff made a donation to U of T in honour of her lifelong friend in Toronto

No Comments: The Melody Lingers On

Jazz scholarship will assist a first-year student in the Faculty of Music

No Comments: A Guarantee for Grad Students

U of T becomes the first Canadian university to offer guarantees of financial support to doctoral students

No Comments: Life’s Unsolvable Problems

An anonymous donor has created a math scholarship to honour U of T student Nicholas Martin, who passed away earlier this year

No Comments: The Tenor Returns

Renowned singer Ben Heppner teaches a master class at U of T

No Comments: Words Speak for Themselves

Children find it difficult to interpret tone of voice

No Comments: Restoring Movement

Plastic tube may hold hope for paralyzed patients

No Comments: Solvents Harmful to Unborn

Increased risk of visual impairments, study finds

No Comments: What’s in a Name?

Labels may end up suiting the people we apply them to

No Comments: Dramatic Findings

Theatre historians are gathering new information about early British entertainment

No Comments: Enter at Own Risk

Emergency care in hospitals may be weaker on the weekends, study finds

No Comments: So Much for the Ivory Tower

U of T reacts to the September 11 tragedy

No Comments: Chew on This!

David Jenkins and Janet Polivy both explore the power of food. 
He probes its impact on the body, while she studies its connection to the mind

No Comments: Heavens Above

The Stewart Observatory has always inspired lofty dreams

No Comments: The Woodsworker

Peter Schleifenbaum and his one-of-a-kind Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve show that well-managed forests can serve the needs of commercial logging and conservationists. We can have our timber and trees, too

No Comments: Stewards of Our Forests

Forest certification promotes sustainable practices

No Comments: Solid Support

John Strachan received this epergne from his students

No Comments: Two Big Birthdays

A look at how U of T’s colleges came to be

No Comments: Places of the Heart

Revisiting fond memories of U of T ultimately leads to these three corners of the campus

No Comments: Curing Injustice

Brilliant and determined, three U of T trailblazers challenged the prejudices of their day and changed the profession of medicine

No Comments: Carry a Big Stick

U of T’s mace is gold-plated and silver and was unveiled at convocation in June 1951

No Comments: A Champion of Alumni

Former alumni affairs director Bert Pinnington set up first planned giving program

No Comments: Good Works

Gordon Cressy Leadership Awards celebrate 136 remarkable students

No Comments: Ydessa Hendeles Wins GG-Award

Awards of Excellence honour members of U of T community

No Comments: Shall We Dance?

U of T Ballroom Dance Club celebrates 20 years

No Comments: U of T Magazine Picks Up Nine Awards

Honours include gold for best writing and silver for best magazine

No Comments: Making Law Accessible

Barrier-free classroom opens at U of T law school

No Comments: Bequest Supports Medical Research

$2-million endowment will fund Banbury Chair in Medical Research

No Comments: Pulp and Paper Just Got Stronger

New research chair created in pulp and paper engineering

No Comments: Two Profs Win Killam Prize

Lap-Chee Tsui and Ian Hacking each win $100,000 award

No Comments: Oh, the Humanities!

Author Toni Morrison joined thousands in Toronto as U of T co-hosted the 2002 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities

No Comments: Reform School?

Preston Manning will deliver guest lectures in political science and Canadian Studies

No Comments: Yiddish Gets a Boost

$600,000 gift will support Yiddish Studies program

No Comments: Honouring St. Clair Balfour

Gift in the week of his death will enhance journalism fellowships

No Comments: Students Reject Varsity Levy

U of T will reconsider how to replace Varsity Stadium

No Comments: Provost Named, Brain Regained

In other appointments, Ian Orchard named principal of U of T Mississauga

No Comments: Not Just Black and White

U of T debaters were unbeatable at North American championships

No Comments: Wasting Talent

Canadian employers and immigrants would both benefit from better “mutual orientation,” study finds

No Comments: The Smell of Success

Prof is researching bacteria that could “eat” air pollutants

No Comments: Lean Times

In Toronto’s expensive rental market, welfare doesn’t cover cost of a nutritional diet, study finds

No Comments: A Gas from the Past

Geochemist discovers gases that may have been present on Earth before the origin of life

No Comments: Why Bees Leave Home

Foraging and food-gathering may be genetically encoded into honeybees’ brains

No Comments: A Dream Solution to Pain?

Research could lead to new treatment options for pain sufferers

No Comments: Love Changes All

Battles of the sexes are common in the animal world, especially when it comes to mating

No Comments: Paddle Power

The adventures of the U of T Outing Club think nothing of canoeing across Toronto’s inner harbour. They also hike, bike, ski and otherwise challenge the great outdoors in any way they can

No Comments: Road Sage

Put away your aggression and stop leaning on that horn! Baher Abdulhai’s research shows that the average commute time in the GTA can be reduced by 50 per cent

No Comments: A Lot of Beers and 15 Minutes of Fame

How Peter Gzowski got me an afternoon in the spotlight

No Comments: Celebrating Past and Future

First women to perform in the UC Follies receive Chancellor’s Medals

No Comments: Opera Star Wins $25,000 Prize

Measha Brueggergosman among several grads to win awards recently

No Comments: Honouring Matt Cohen

Park at Bloor and Spadina named for Toronto writer

No Comments: Unearthing Past Glories

Archeologists find the “story behind the fact”

No Comments: Paradise Regained

AGO curator embraces range of art, from popular to esoteric

No Comments: Kim Vicente Wins McLean Award

Prof is first engineer to receive $100,000 prize

No Comments: Varsity Stadium Gone

Crumbling landmark torn down

No Comments: Strategic Research

U of T receives $23 million to develop mentoring and training initiatives

No Comments: Point of Honour

Fencing and tennis coach inducted into the U of T Sports Hall of Fame

No Comments: Holy Communion

Architecture student to have lunch with the Pope

No Comments: Defending the Arts

Chancellor Hal Jackman helps create $45-million endowment for the humanities and social sciences

No Comments: Aid to Understanding

$1-million gift will support the study of our southern neighbour

No Comments: What Students Think About Teaching

College students are less likely than children to believe government should impose religious or patriotic values through public schools

No Comments: Teens Silent on Crime

Young people won’t talk about being victims of crime for fear of being labeled a “snitch,” study finds

No Comments: Helping the Heart

U of T scientists identify two genes associated with heart function that could lead to new therapies for heart disease

No Comments: A New Weapon in the War on HIV

New drug combination more potent and easier for patients to take

No Comments: Hell on Reels

Dante’s Inferno has huge impact on modern-day writers and filmmakers, prof finds

No Comments: The Music of the Cosmos

Researchers gain their first glimpse of the primordial structures that grew into today’s galaxy clusters

No Comments: The Students Are Coming

Enrolment increases offer an opportunity for expansion

No Comments: Our New Provost

Equity, access, excellence: these are touchstones for Shirley Neuman

No Comments: Reality Knocks

The educational system may have given up on them, but these students never gave up on education. The Transitional Year Programme helped them achieve their dreams

No Comments: Bright Lights, Big Ideas

They’re brilliant. They’re bold. They’re young. And they have the national research community applauding

No Comments: Anthony Burton, Doug Cooper & Atom Egoyan

Trinity College friends

No Comments: Michael Ignatieff & Bob Rae

Friends vied for the campus spotlight as student activists in the 1960s

No Comments: Paul Jones & Rona Maynard

English majors met each other on stage

No Comments: Fraser Mustard & John Evans

UTS classmates played Varsity football during medical school

No Comments: Karen Pitre & Kay Worthington

Life lessons learned in sport

No Comments: School Ties

Competitive? Talented? Intense? All that and more. They met their equals at U of T and have stayed connected throughout their celebrated careers

No Comments: Mistress of the Hall

The mysterious bronze maiden of Knox College

No Comments: Kudos

Alumni named to the Order of Canada

No Comments: Discovering Homecoming

U of T hosts the first Alumni Homecoming in nearly a decade

No Comments: Arbor Award Winner Produces Memories

Alumnus helps produce a memory book for New College

No Comments: Remembering the Fallen

Soldiers’ Tower committee seeks funds to renovate tower

No Comments: At the Top of Her Game

Last year, Nancy Lee forged the largest sports-rights contract in Canadian broadcast history

No Comments: Prize Writer

Austin Clarke wins $25,000 Giller Prize for his latest novel, The Polished Hoe

No Comments: Poy Elected New Chancellor

Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university and ambassador to all alumni

No Comments: Team Fights Against Parkinson’s Disease

U of T student volunteers assisted at all-star fundraising event

No Comments: Mini-Med School Mighty Successful

U of T experts discuss various health topics in public program

No Comments: Tops Times Nine

U of T ranks top again in Maclean’s annual University rankings

No Comments: A House on Higher Ground

Tree house competition challenges architecture students to think creatively

No Comments: Grand Openings

U of T opens two new buildings for students and researchers

No Comments: From Science to Screen

Biology major, David Alpay, plays a pivotal role in Egoyan’s latest film

No Comments: New Hope

U of T researchers are refining an experimental Alzheimer’s vaccine

No Comments: Ad Nauseam

Repetition in advertising confusing consumer memory

No Comments: Sound Directions

New electronic devices that use sound navigation

No Comments: Combatting Drug Resistance

Making it easier for scientists to target drug therapy

No Comments: The Diversity Connection

U of T’s diversity makes it a great place to learn intercultural competence

No Comments: The Family Business

Law grad Jean Teillet continues the fight of great-granduncle Louis Riel – in the courtroom

No Comments: A Meeting of Greek Minds

They are grad students, retired profs, a diplomat, a vet. They read Plato in ancient Greek, for fun. Deinos!

No Comments: The Big Picture

U of T cosmologists are piecing together the epic table of how the universe has evolved over 14 billion years

No Comments: Star Turns: William Hutt

“I saw this hemorrhaging of talent across the border. If everyone left, we would never have a cultural picture in this country.”

No Comments: Star Turns: Daniel Brooks

“Originality can only happen when one begins with love of individual expression and allows it to lead to collective expression.”

No Comments: Star Turns: Kristen Thomson

Lying on the U.C. Playhouse theatre floor during a warm-up, Thompson thought, “OK, this is where I belong”

No Comments: Star Turns: Sky Gilbert

“I’m always going to have that bent to read and write and learn new things”

No Comments: Star Turns

More than actors, playwrights and directors, these artists are architects who helped create Canada’s thriving theatre scene

No Comments: Medieval Merriment

Homecoming celebration for Poculi Ludique Societas members

No Comments: Kudos

Alumni named to the Order of Canada and other honours

No Comments: Master of the Molluscs

Patrick McMurray (PHE 1992) is the first Canadian to win the World Oyster Opening Championships

No Comments: MuchMore Sung

U of T degree taught alumna Hannah Sung to see all sides of a story

No Comments: Old World, New Support

A.G. Rigg/Ontario Graduate Scholarship recognizes faculty member

No Comments: “Ontario’s Eve” Makes Bequest to Vic One

First female lieutenant-governor of both Ontario and Canada, leaves bequest to her alma mater

No Comments: Accolades

Random House of Canada Student Award in Writing and Order of Canada inductees

No Comments: Memorial Design

Prof. Daniel Libeskind wins competition for redevelopment of the World Trade Center site

No Comments: Two for the Rhodes

Trinity College students will peruse graduate studies at Oxford University in England

No Comments: New Solution for Blood Transfusions

Cell-free hemoglobin may be an option for patients otherwise opposed to transfusions

No Comments: The Exxon Factor

Reputations can carry weight over supporting data

No Comments: Service With a Smile

Smiling can improve your work life

No Comments: Medieval Melodies

Finding the sound of lost medieval music

No Comments: Winter Warm-up

Study points to climate change in Western Canada

No Comments: BRCA1 Gene and the Birth Control Pill

Oral contraceptives for five years or more may increase breast cancer risk

No Comments: The Sex Diary of a Fly

U of T researchers study how flies age, and their ability to survive and mate, deteriorates

No Comments: Make a Difference

Why our faculty, staff and students care about the community

No Comments: The Trouble with Scholars

…is that they insist on real data

No Comments: Doyenne of Diversity

As U of T’s 31st chancellor, Senator Vivienne Poy will serve as the university’s ceremonial head – and as a unique role model for students

No Comments: An Internet for Everyone

Co-operating in research on technology, and finding innovation

No Comments: Power to the People

A greater public say in government

No Comments: Never Miss a Meeting Again

Researchers have developed a system that broadcasts audio, video and slides over the Web

No Comments: The Next Internet

Behind the scenes, U of T researchers are finding ways to build a Net that’s not only more powerful, but a lot more human

No Comments: Road Test

Five U of T students get a lesson in civics, life and tolerance

No Comments: A Month in the Life

As the winds of war howled early this year, here are some ways that U of T faculty, staff and students kept the dialogue going

No Comments: On Guard

The University College gryphon

No Comments: Kudos

Alumni Association Awards of Excellence, Northrop Frye Awards and other alumni recognitions

No Comments: 175th Anniversary Gala

U of T celebrates 175 years

No Comments: Celebrating Student Leaders

10th anniversary of the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards

No Comments: Director of Diversity

Countering discrimination and fostering dialogue between groups in conflict

No Comments: Maritime Men

Two U of T alumni are putting their nautical know-how to work international waters

No Comments: Global Village

Once a private residence, Cumberland House is now a thriving social centre for almost 4,000 international students

No Comments: UC @ 150

University College celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2003. Here’s how U of T’s founding college got started and is still growing

No Comments: Plummer, Egoyan Receive Honorary Degrees

Honorary degree recipients and other awards and honours

No Comments: To Baldly Go…

Scarborough campus students go bald to raise money for cancer research

No Comments: Memorial Fund Will Aid Disabled Students

Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at Robarts Library remembers friend and colleague

No Comments: Corus of Support

New Chair in Communications Strategy supported by Corus Entertainment

No Comments: Model Critiques

Legendary architects Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind review graduate student designs

No Comments: New Residence Promises Multiple Benefits

Building community: donors Russell and Katherine Morrison

No Comments: Premature Births Linked to Dieting

Undernutrition could have an impact on development

No Comments: Redefining Riches

Theology professor explores why people in countries with struggling economies often seem happier

No Comments: A Prescription for ER Overcrowding

Study measures overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms

No Comments: The Changing Shape of Software

ShapeTape software could help design and refine 3-D models

No Comments: Evolutionary News

Different physical traits discovered between sexes of th