Why University of Toronto Magazine?

Advertising in University of Toronto Magazine is a great, cost-effective way to reach an exclusive group of affluent and highly educated managers, owners, professionals and executives.

Incredible reach

University of Toronto Magazine is printed twice a year – in April and September – and sent to about 122,000 alumni and friends of the University of Toronto. The magazine’s readership includes an elite group of donors, corporate and government leaders, decision-makers and key influencers.

Editorial excellence

In the past five years, University of Toronto Magazine has received 20 awards in writing, art and design from the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education and the U.S.-based Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, including a gold medal for best university magazine in Canada.

Distinguished affiliation

Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto is Canada’s leading institution of learning, discovery and knowledge creation. It has more than half a million graduates living in almost every country of the world.

Circulation summary (as of April 2024)

Geographic breakdown
Canada 111,209 91%
U.S. 4,725 4%
International 6,064 5%
Total 121,998  
Canadian geographic breakdown
Ontario 103,244 93%
Rest of Canada 7,965 7%
Toronto (GTA) 89,057 80%

2023-2024 Advertising rates

To receive our rate card, please contact Sally Choi, 416-978-0838.

About our rates:

  • Bleed: No charge
  • Colour: Must be reproducible from process colour.
  • Mixed Units: Advertisers can vary the sizes of their ads according to the standard units shown and obtain the two-issue rate for each unit.

Rates are not subject to GST or HST.

Advertising deadlines

Autumn 2024 Issue

  • Space Close: Jun. 28, 2024
  • Material Due: Aug. 16, 2024
  • Distribution: Oct. 11, 2024

Spring 2025 Issue

  • Space Close: Jan. 17, 2025
  • Material Due: Mar. 7, 2025
  • Distribution: Apr. 25, 2025

Autumn 2025 Issue

  • Space Close: Jun. 27, 2024
  • Material Due: Aug. 15, 2024
  • Distribution: Oct. 10, 2024

Ad sizes and format

Full Page Ad
Live area 7.125” x 9.75″
Trim 7.875″ x 10.5″
Bleed 8.125″ x 10.75″
1/2 Page Horizontal
Live Area 7″ x 4.675″
Trim 7.875 x 4.95
Bleed 8.125 x 5.085
1/4 Page Banner
Live area 7″ x 2.25″
Trim 7.875 x 2.6
Bleed 8.125 x 2.75

PDF files only. Files conforming to the PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4 standards are recommended.

Crop marks and document bleed settings are recommended.

Approvals and contracts

Advertising materials to be sent to:

Sally Choi
University of Toronto Magazine
167 College Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1P7

Advertising approvals

The Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement, which, in the publisher’s sole judgment, is considered unsuitable. The Publisher reserves the right to cancel an advertisement at any time. Neither the advertiser nor its agency may cancel after closing date, nor will changes in Insertion Orders be accepted after closing dates. Cancellations must be in writing and none will be considered accepted until confirmed in writing by the Publisher.

Copy and contract regulations

A signed contract must be on file to earn frequency and/or volume rates. Advertisers who fail to use the space contracted will be short-rated. The Publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contracts, orders or copy instructions that conflict with the Publisher’s policies. All advertising is published upon the understanding that the Advertiser and the Advertising Agency assume full and complete responsibility and liability for all advertising submitted, printed or published. The liability of the Publisher for any error for which it may be held legally responsible will not exceed the cost of the space. The Publisher specifically assumes no liability for errors in the key numbers of type set by the Publisher.

For more information, please contact: Sally Choi, 416-978-0838