Keep Learning

U of T’s School of Continuing Studies is a powerful engine of opportunity

Nature and Nurture

Alexandra Risen untangles her parents’ painful past and her wild garden in a new memoir

“I’m So Happy When I Write”

Continuing Studies program leads Sabrina Ramnanan to a publishing contract

Creative Writing for Everyone

If you’re looking for a less intensive way than a graduate degree to improve your creative writing, U of T’s School of Continuing Studies offers many options

(Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth)

Boosting Your Cultural IQ

U of T programs help immigrants such as Norma Mendez re-establish their careers in Canada

(Photo by Vanessa Herman-Landau)

Stories from the Intensive Care Unit

Tilda Shalof’s books unmask the high-pressure world of nursing

(Photo by Frank Cunha)

Prisoners in Tehran

Treatment of political detainees hasn’t changed – but technology offers hope


Follow the Green Path

University of Toronto Scarborough program helps students from China adapt to a new culture

In Pursuit of Human Dignity

European Parliament honours author Marina Nemat with social justice award

The Road to Freedom

Marina Nemat’s long journey from Iranian prison to celebrated author brought her to U of T

Making Language Come Alive

U of T’s English language program teaches 2,000 annually

Sunday School

Members of the public debate the big questions at “Philosophy Cafe”

Green Grass, Cleaner Harbour

Mayor David Miller shares his dreams for Toronto

Getting Bigger All the Time

New facilities open at all three campuses

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