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21 More Things Every U of T Student Should Do Before They Graduate

Go sledding at UTSC, perform in the UC follies, paint the UTSU dome and much more!

May 18, 2016

There’s so much to see and do at U of T. How many of these did you squeeze into your time here? (Thanks to all the U of T alumni and others who supplied suggestions for this list!)

Photo: UofTDrizzy

Photo: UofTDrizzy

1. Eat a veggie dog from Nasir’s hotdog stand at UTSC. (Drake does!) Nasir’s weekly riddles are awesome.



2. Pursue an original research opportunity. There are so many people studying amazing things at U of T.


Photo: Courtesy of Hart House

Photo: Hart House

3. Bebop down to the Rex Hotel on a Monday evening and listen to the talented student musicians play all kinds of jazz.


UTM deer_480

4. Take a “walk with your prof” on a guided tour of the U of T Mississauga campus. You might spot a deer. You might also get to know a prof.


Photo: Courtesy of U of T Career Centre

Photo: U of T Career Centre

5. Visit the Career Centre. A few minutes with the counsellors and alumni reps could get your post-convocation life off to a flying start.



6. Attend a Dinner with 12 Strangers organized by the alumni office. You never know who you will meet!


Photo: Megan Harris/Toronto Observer

Photo: Megan Harris/Toronto Observer

7. Stop by the UTSC Farmer’s Market and fill up on the delicious fresh produce, bread, cheese and baked goods. Mmmm, baked goods.


Photo: Liam Sharp

Photo: Liam Sharp

8. Thank the professors who have inspired you. A good mentor is rare, and inspiration is at least as valuable as knowledge.



9. Listen to a carillon concert in Hart House Circle. U of T is the only university that has one! Try to pick out the deep gong of the largest bell, which weighs four tons.


Photo: Courtesy of Hart House

Photo: Hart House

10. Swim in the Hart House pool. With the skylights and arches, it almost feels as if you’re swimming outside … in Rome.


u of t newspapers_480

11. Write an article for one of the university’s many newspapers. Try to start a campus debate on a subject that’s important to you.


Photo: Ian Kelso/Metroland Media Toronto

Photo: Ian Kelso/Metroland Media Toronto

12. Borrow a UTSC cafeteria tray and use it to sled down the hill outside of the atrium.


Photo: Shak Haq

Photo: Shak Haq

13. Perform in the UC Follies – or one of the many other college and faculty variety shows. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Photo: Courtesy of UTSC

Photo: UTSC

14. Grab lunch at a campus, a college or a faculty different from your own. Make friends with students you’ve never met before.



15. Search for the elusive secret tunnel that runs beneath the U of T Mississauga campus. No hints!



16. Find the Junior Common Room in University College and become addicted to Diabolos’ Coffee Bar. It has the best couches for sleeping!


17. See a play at Hart House. It doesn’t have to be Jerry Springer: The Opera. In any season, there’s something for every taste.


UTSU dome_480

18. Paint the UTSU dome.


Photo: Courtesy of TK

Photo: U of T Centre for International Experience

19. If possible, go on an international exchange. Many grads say it’s a highlight of their academic career.


Photo: Daniel Ehrenworth

Photo: Daniel Ehrenworth

20. Befriend at least one professor. You may be surprised at how generous and funny they can be outside of the lecture hall!


Photo: Courtesy of U of T Student Life

Photo: U of T Student Life

21. Study in every U of T library at least once. There are 44 of them, and many are stunning!

Add your own ideas in the comment box below. And check out our previous list of 17 Things Every U of T Student Should Do Before They Graduate.

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# 1
Posted by Liam Mitchell BA%20(Hon)%20200T1,MEd%20201T1 on May 20th, 2016 @ 10:33 am

#22 – Visit a U of T art gallery (Blackwood Gallery at UTM, Doris McCarthy Gallery at UTSC and the Art Museum, University of Toronto on the St. George Campus)

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