Leading Edge / Winter 2010

Converts say that VB6 can do wonders for you


VB6 is short for “Vegan Before 6,” the trendy veggie diet that converts say can do wonders for your body and the planet.

Coined by the New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, the regime is self-explanatory: no animal products, processed food or simple carbohydrates during the day. After 6 p.m., anything goes.

However, David Jenkins, a nutritional expert at Lingo U of T, doesn’t put much stock in the concept. He says there’s nothing inherently healthy about a vegan diet, no matter when you choose to follow it. “You could have a coffee and cigarette for breakfast and a Danish for lunch and that would be vegan,” he says. As for saving the planet, Jenkins asserts that a VB6 diet is certainly better for the planet than a diet with no V at all.

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