Summer 2016
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Does Drake go to U of T Scarborough? This Instagrammer imagines that he does

Drake doesn’t attend U of T Scarborough, and never did, but a fan of the Toronto hip-hop star has created a popular Instagram account that imaginatively uses Photoshop to suggest that he does.

The “UofTDrizzy” feed is filled with shots of Drake grabbed from the Internet and superimposed onto recognizable UTSC locations. There’s Drake waiting for the 38 bus! There he is chilling at the UTSC Library! Hey, isn’t that him hanging out at the Meeting Place? Captions accompanying each photo transform Drake’s lyrics into descriptions of what it’s like to be a student at UTSC; offering “his take” on everything from course evaluations to mid-terms to ROSI.

“I wanted to do something creative and funny, and just loved the absurdity of the idea of Drake being a UTSC student,” the anonymous artist behind UofTDrizzy told the Varsity. Generating some “love” for UTSC, which the artist describes as U of T’s “underdog” campus, was also a big part of it. The account has picked up more than 17,000 followers, including Drake himself. In May, poster-sized blow-ups from the feed appeared on the St. George campus as part of the city-wide Contact Photography Festival.

Has the musician ever reached out through a message or liked one of the photos? “The likes come so quickly that it’s tough to see unless I go through the list,” the artist told UTSC’s The Underground. “It’s all good. He’s busy. . . with assignments and all.”

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