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How Optimistic Are You That AI Will Help Bring About a Better Future?

We asked 100 University of Toronto students. This is what they told us

In the past year, the sense of wonder surrounding powerful new AI tools has given way to a distinctly gloomier mood. Last year, hundreds of tech leaders called for a pause in AI development, calling it a grave risk to humanity. Despite the doomsaying, U of T students seem hopeful AI will work out for the better. “I’m optimistic – mostly because of the trust I have in people,” says fourth-year criminology student Joshua Weisz. “Even if certain jobs get phased out by AI, there will be new jobs to look forward to,” notes Alezzandre Cabalit, a second-year student in economics and computer science at UTM. Still, students aren’t blind to the perils. “AI is dangerous for misinformation,” says Seanne Sy, a fourth-year political science student at UTM. “We need to start learning how to live with it.”


It’ll be amazing!


I’m fairly optimistic


It could go either way


I’m a bit pessimistic


I’m terrified

This highly unscientific poll of 100 U of T students was conducted across the three campuses in January 2024.

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