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Pearson Scholarships Aim to Attract World’s Brightest Students

Program named for Lester B. Pearson would offer 37 international students full tuition for four years

When we think about international students coming to the University of Toronto for higher education, we often consider the benefits for them – an international learning experience at one of the top-ranked public universities in the world.

But international students also contribute immensely to the experience of Canadian students at U of T – by contributing their own unique perspectives to classroom discussions and enhancing the capacity of both students and faculty to think and engage globally.

To attract the best and brightest students from around the world, U of T is planning to establish full scholarships, valued at about $55,000 a year, for 37 international students annually for four years of study at the university. The program will be named for the late Lester B. Pearson – internationalist, prime minister of Canada from 1963–68 and a U of T graduate – and will seek support from donors.

Scholarship recipients will be recruit­ed based on merit and financial need, and international students studying at Canadian schools will be eligible to apply.

“We expect these scholarships will clearly differentiate U of T in the minds of prospective international students and their schools and families,” says registrar Richard Levin. “They will also create cohorts of students who can help spread the word about the amazing opportunities available at U of T.”

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