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New Home for University College Students

Russell and Katherine Morrison's gift to student life on campus

For 270 students at University College, the start of the school year meant a new building to call home. Morrison Hall – the University of Toronto’s newest residence on the St. George campus – was officially opened in September. It is the largest development for UC since a fire destroyed much of its main building more than a century ago. The residence is named for U of T graduates Russell Morrison (MA 1947) and Katherine Morrison (PhD 1979), whose $6-million gift made the project possible. “Katherine and I view our contribution to the new residence as an opportunity to make a long-lasting enhancement to student life at UC,” says Russell Morrison.

The 13-storey residence features single rooms with shared bath facilities, and common lounge and study areas on each floor. There are also fully accessible accommodations on every level. “Morrison Hall is more than just a new building, it is an expression of the UC commitment to vibrant student life,” says Kent Buchanan, president of the UC Literary and Athletic Society.

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