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The Queen Alexandra Gates at the north end of Philosopher’s Walk

Philosopher’s Walk

Plans are underway to refurbish the Queen Alexandra Gateway at the walk's north end.

As far back as the 1870s, Taddle Creek ravine – the meandering green space now known as Philosopher’s Walk – has been a popular spot for students and professors to stroll and contemplate. In recent years, U of T has made numerous improvements to the site, including the installation of the Bennett Gates at the walk’s southern entrance and plantings funded by friends and donors. A donation from TD Bank Financial Group allowed paving stones to be laid. Two new interpretive plaques explain the landscape’s origins.

With TD’s support, plans are underway to refurbish the Queen Alexandra Gateway at the walk’s north end, and to build a small amphitheatre midway. The gateway’s historic lamps and masonry will be repaired and the ironwork painted. The amphitheatre will provide seating for 20 to 30 – perfect for a lecture or starlit performance.

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  1. 5 Responses to “ Philosopher’s Walk ”

  2. University of Toronto Magazine says:

    Regarding Philosopher's Walk
    ---with apologies to Robert Frost

    Four years at Toronto, my university
    way back, but not a footfall did I make
    on Philosopher's Walk, from which re-
    percussions may still be felt this late,

    the walk well-traveled by likes
    not like me, students and professors
    on, tradition went, meditative hikes,
    and, after twilight, 1950s-style lovers,

    all that purged from memory until
    the spring '09 alumni magazine
    told of (unpurging if you will)
    work on one gate's iron and a line

    of plantings and the walk's history
    and a planned amphitheatre halfway.
    And now I'm whelmed, in a quandary:
    Had I walked the walk one day

    instead of veering entirely clear
    or hurrying past without a glance,
    instead of skipping it each year,
    would I be someone else perchance?

    David Simms
    BA 1960 St. Michael's
    Berryville, Virginia

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  6. Andre says:

    I wonder if it is possible to daylight the creek portion there, the sight and sound of moving water would deepen the experience.