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Soldiers' Tower
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Fixing Up Soldiers’ Tower

The first phase of renovations to the 86-year-old monument is now underway

Soldiers’ Tower honours U of T community members who died in the First and Second World wars. Today, exhibits inside the tower include artifacts and memorabilia from subsequent conflicts and peacekeeping missions.

Completed in 1924, the tower has been battered over time by the elements. To return the structure to its former glory, repairs of $1.8 million are needed. Scaffolding was erected for the summer – and will be put up for the next three summers – to allow for renovations. The scaffolding will be taken down each year in time for Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Soldiers’ Tower Committee raised about $400,000 for the first phase of renovations, thanks to a significant gift from Blake Goldring and other donations from alumni and friends – which was then matched by U of T. The second phase of renovations will cost $1 million. To contribute, please contact Kathy Parks at or (416) 978-0544.

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