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U of T Against Sweatshops

Landmark licensing policy, a first for a Canadian university

This spring Governing Council passed the university’s landmark licensing policy, making U of T the first Canadian university to seek to ensure that merchandise bearing its name, trademarks or images is produced under humane and non-exploitive conditions. Jon Dellandrea, vice-president and chief development officer, headed the task force that worked for 18 months on the policy and its accompanying code of conduct. The code prohibits forced labour, unsafe work environments, extensive working hours, abuse, discrimination and child labour, among other conditions, and has been praised by Students Against Sweatshops.

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  1. One Response to “ U of T Against Sweatshops ”

  2. University of Toronto Magazine says:

    It is good to see that a licensing policy and code of conduct have been developed, and hopefully put into practice, for humane conditions in the production of imaged material. Could I suggest an additional code, or policy, with regard to affinity and development items that every attempt be made to utilize items that are made of, or contain a portion of, recycled materials and are recyclable?

    Rick Clow
    BSc 1974 UC
    Centre and South Hastings
    Waste Services Board
    Trenton, Ontario