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Band of Brothers

Fraternity sets up scholarship from house proceeds

A fraternity that operated at U of T for almost 90 years has acknowledged its long-standing ties to the university with a gift to support scholarships for incoming students.

Delta Tau Delta was a fixture on campus for much of the 20th century, occupying two houses on St. George Street in the 1960s and, after the university expropriated those, one on Madison Avenue. At Delta Tau Delta’s peak in the early 1960s, as many as 15 fraternity brothers slept at the house, while another 25 ate meals and socialized there. For many, the experience was life changing. “The fraternity created bonds of friendship that continue to survive after almost 50 years,” says Robert Roden (BASc 1960, MA 1961), a Delta Tau Delta member. Fraternity brother Richard Harris (BA 1975 Victoria) agrees. “It was a core part of our university experience.”

Delta Tau Delta’s fortunes changed in the 1990s as fraternities fell out of favour and membership declined; as a result the group found it increasingly difficult to cover the costs of maintaining its property. The U of T chapter closed in 1992, sold the house on Madison and invested the proceeds.

In 2005, Delta Tau Delta alumni voted to use the investment to set up a scholarship at U of T. “Our collective view was that the university had been very good to us,” says Harris. “We wanted to give back to the university and to future generations.” A donation of $180,000 will be matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support to create an endowment of $360,000. The funds will likely support three annual scholarships for first-year students at any of the university’s three campuses.

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  1. 2 Responses to “ Band of Brothers ”

  2. Caroline Manton says:

    My husband F. William. R. Manton was a brother with the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity back in the early 1960s. He resided on St. George Street for the three years that he attended University of Toronto. Are there any archives or history of the members of that time? My husband Bill passed away in 2010 and I'm trying to put a book together of his life and that of his family before him. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Caroline Manton

  3. Mark Buzan says:

    Hi Caroline, I'm not a U of T grad but I am a Delta Tau Delta alumni from the University of Ottawa. I would strongly suggest you reach out to the Delta Tau Delta International office: I wouldn't be surprised if they have files in their archive regarding the Delta Theta chapter your husband belonged to.