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Headshot of Michael Goldberg, wearing a white collared shirt and striped tie
Michael Goldberg.

Michael Goldberg

“I would love to contribute to the cure for cancer”

Fave U of T moment
Establishing the University Professor Lecture Series so students and the Toronto community could learn from the brilliant minds of U of T’s faculty. The inaugural lecture, with Nobel Laureate John Polanyi, was packed. The experience confirmed for me that students could have a real impact.

Since graduation
I completed a master’s in bioscience enterprise at the University of Cambridge in England, and a PhD in biological chemistry at MIT. I am currently a post-doctoral associate in the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, where I’m training under Nobel Laureate Phillip Sharp. I’m also working with a group of talented students to raise awareness about global health. Our organization aims to build connections between members of the academic, non-profit, and for-profit communities to increase the impact of universities in this important arena.

A meaningful event
While fundraising for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, I learned that a co-worker was battling the disease. Though I have always felt that it is important to support those who are less fortunate (friends and strangers, alike) I was moved by the realization that we all know people afflicted by disease – people we see every day – even if we’re not aware of it.

Your dream?
I would love to contribute to the cure for cancer.

What has winning the Gordon Cressy Award meant to you?
It was one of the highlights of my life, and made me realize that I could bring about positive change in the world by being passionate for causes that are important to me.

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