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Headshot of Stephen Tracy wearing a white long-sleeved collared shirt and a black, grey and white striped tie
Stephen Tracy. Photo by Daniel Ehrenworth

Stephen Tracy

“I believe we should each apply our own unique skills for the betterment of humanity”

Fave U of T moment
In second year, I organized a campus concert – which has now become an annual event – to raise funds for organizations such as the Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières.

I also played guitar in a classic rock band, Delusions of Grandeur, with psychology professor Steve Joordens for a year.

A meaningful event
After working in Tanzania for a few months teaching basic computer skills to primary school students, some of the children painted a picture of the volunteers and students together in the classroom. We developed a close relationship with many of them.

Why volunteer?
I believe that we should each apply our own unique skills for the betterment of humanity.

Are you doing now what you thought you’d be doing when you attended U of T?
Not exactly. I always had trouble picturing what kind of job I would do. It wasn’t until fourth year that Matthew and I realized that we shared a common goal. That’s when we came up with the idea for Esther’s Echo.

What has winning the Gordon Cressy Award meant to you?
I remember the evening of the ceremony quite well, for two reasons: it was my birthday, and it was the worst snowstorm of the year. As I sat in the theatre patiently awaiting my turn to meet Gordon himself, I felt humbled. The stories of the other Cressy recipients truly made me proud to be a member of the U of T community.

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