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Public Policy’s Crucial Role

Paul Cadario has given $1 million to support scholarships and a visiting fellowship at the School of Public Policy

A grad who has dedicated his career to addressing the complexities of global development has given U of T’s School of Public Policy and Governance $1 million, to be divided between student scholarships and a visiting scholar fellowship.

Paul Cadario (BASc 1973), a senior manager with the World Bank in Washington, says public-policy experts are crucial: they determine how to apply solutions to pressing global concerns, such as climate change, health care and energy production. “The big problems of our age all have certain technical solutions, and the world will eventually figure them out,” he says. The challenge will be “to mobilize the will to put the solutions into place and implement them soundly.”

U of T’s School of Public Policy and Governance launched last fall and welcomed its inaugural class of 25 students this September. Graduates of the two-year program earn a master’s degree in public policy. Director Mark Stabile says the university will match the scholarship portion of Cadario’s gift to create 10 awards a year worth about $6,000 each. Finding a donor to support scholarships was a high priority for the school. “Making sure the program is accessible is really important,” says Stabile. “We want to make sure that the most qualified students can attend this program, regardless of whether they intend to pursue high-paying careers.”

The first Cadario Scholarships will be awarded next year, while the Cadario Visiting Scholar will be invited for the following academic year.

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