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Photo of a handmade card
Photo by Nadia Van

A Grateful Mindset

MindFest promotes mental health awareness through crafts

A handmade card to remind ourselves of what we’re grateful for: this was the theme of a therapeutic arts session held at Hart House in May. The activity was part of MindFest, an all-day fair promoting mental health awareness, hosted by U of T’s psychiatry department. Using origami paper, glitter glue and colourful confetti, 16 participants designed a card and recorded thoughts about what they’re thankful for.

The cards will be mailed back to participants a few months from now, as a friendly reminder of the positive things in life. “One of the greatest barriers to a grateful mindset is forgetfulness,” says Day Milman, the session’s organizer. “Practising gratitude makes you healthier, more resilient and more compassionate.”

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