Enter Stage Left

Jeremy Hutton nudges Hart House Theatre in a new direction

Star Power

Hart House’s notable theatre, film and television personalities

Photo by Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

Digital Prophet

Wattpad co-founder Allen Lau predicts a book publishing revolution

Photo: Getty Images

A Year in Mumbai

Normand Labrie coped with sweltering heat and noisy classrooms to bring Canadian teaching techniques to India’s largest city

(Photo by Rita Leistner)

Look Closely!

Award-winning photojournalist Rita Leistner shines a light on North American native communities

(Ian Brown Photography)

Spy Games

Actor Nazneen Contractor enters 24’s world of espionage

Photo by Liam Sharp

Food for Thought

Nick Saul serves up healthy meals and civic engagement at The Stop

Author: Jason McBride