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Five U of T students create winning SSHRC Storytellers videos

Illustration: Naveen Devasagayam

Still from Naveen Devasagayam’s Top 5 video. Illustration: Naveen Devasagayam.

In the age of the sound bite, summing up complex research concisely is becoming a key academic skill. Earlier this year, five U of T grad students were shortlisted for the SSHRC Storytellers awards, after creating three-minute videos to showcase their work.

Naveen Devasagayam (MScBMC 2015) just completed his master’s degree in biomedical communications at U of T Mississauga. He made the top five for his video, which draws on his animation talent to argue that students become better innovators and problem-solvers when they learn about complicated biological processes using complex, not simple, visual aids.

Glenn McCullough, a PhD candidate at Knox College, made the top 25 for his entry, which uses evocative imagery and soothing music to explain how he combined insights from psychology and Christian theology to trace the development of our understanding of the unconscious, and the meaning of dreams to our psyche.

Three other U of T students made the SSHRC shortlist: Holly Howe (kinesiology) and Jonathan Payton (philosophy)
in the Top 25, and Heather Prime (psychology) in the Top 5.
Watch: 3D animations for teaching molecular biology

Video: Naveen Devasagayam

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