Ghost Effects

Social psychologist Michael Inzlicht launched his academic career on the study of “ego depletion.” His research suggested it was real. Then came doubts

What Will Solve the Replication Crisis?

U of T scholars and others are calling for four major changes to how research is conducted

A Distinctive Look?

English-Canadians are pretty good at identifying French-Canadian faces but the reverse isn’t true

Know Thy Selfie

Think you take great pics of yourself? Think again

The Science of Disagreement

How our bodies unwittingly reveal our prejudices

10 Vows for a Stronger Marriage

A U of T grad student wrote her wedding vows based on research into what makes a relationship last

Honest Lying

Brain dysfunction can cause us to make false statements that we believe to be true

Screen Time

Online courses are big, bold and potentially game-changing for higher education

Leaning Left

Meditation might make you more liberal, according to new U of T research

Peace of Mind

A U of T project aims to bring better mental health to a country where most illnesses go untreated

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Anti-Prejudice Campaigns Can Backfire

They may have reverse effect of what they intend, U of T Scarborough psychologists find

Timing is Everything

Modern life is 24-7, but there may be negative consequences to defying our body’s internal clock

Gay or Straight?

Do some cultures have better “gaydar” than others?

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What Is Sacred?

Two U of T thinkers debate whether we can ever know what is truly “right” or “wrong”

Does Dieting Affect How You Think?

Yes, and not always in expected ways, research shows

Mapping the Mind

Ambitious 10-year project will create a detailed electronic atlas of the brain

The Polite Party

Psychology research finds that conservatives are more concerned with order, liberals are more compassionate

Dating on the Rebound

For some people, dating right after a break-up may be a good idea

Meditate Your Troubles Away

Mindfulness alters brain activity and improves mood, researchers find

What You Eat Says about You

People who eat “good” foods are perceived as more trustworthy, study finds

Clock Wise

The Hipp chronoscope enabled scientists to assess how quickly people respond to stimuli

The Agony of Ecstasy

Long-term study of the cognitive effects of regular ecstasy use

What Prejudice Does

Belonging to a stigmatized group reduces the self-control students use regulate to their behaviour

What Makes Us Happy?

Science offers surprising new answers

What, Me Worry?

Anxiety affects a person’s sense of life satisfaction less than depression, prof says

An Internet for Everyone

Co-operating in research on technology, and finding innovation

What Students Think About Teaching

College students are less likely than children to believe government should impose religious or patriotic values through public schools

Chew on This!

David Jenkins and Janet Polivy both explore the power of food. 
He probes its impact on the body, while she studies its connection to the mind

Solvents Harmful to Unborn

Increased risk of visual impairments, study finds

Words Speak for Themselves

Children find it difficult to interpret tone of voice

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