Toronto’s Top Money Man

City manager Peter Wallace talks tough with politicians on taxes and spending

Lowering Barriers to Higher Ed

Helping high school students apply to college and university leads to higher enrolment, study finds

Post-Truth Politics

When lying becomes an acceptable political strategy

Chair for Investor Rights Seeks Better Protections for Canadians

A gift from the Honourable Hal Jackman establishes the J.R. Kimber Chair at the Faculty of Law

Crazy Talk

Can we restore sanity and reason to politics?

Business Ties

Governments should do more to encourage immigrant entrepreneurs to forge links with businesses in their native countries, according to a U of T report

The Right Candidate for You

Vote Compass helps citizens sort one politician’s views from another’s. Now, municipal voters will get to try it

Voter Inequality

In a federal election, why does a vote from Charlottetown count for more than one from Markham?

60 Seconds with Vass Bednar

Vass Bednar talks about making public policy fun – including policy-making activities while grocery shopping

Protecting the Jobless

Protecting the Jobless

How should employment insurance be reformed?

100 Million Canadians

100 Million Canadians

Could Canada’s path to superpower status be a number’s game?

Paying for Prescriptions

An idea for managing the fastest-growing segment of health-care costs

Pay Now, Medicate Later

Economist proposes pension-like system to pay for drugs as Canada’s population ages

Public Policy’s Crucial Role

Paul Cadario has given $1 million to support scholarships and a visiting fellowship at the School of Public Policy

New School of Public Policy Launches

Aims to make mark nationally and internationally

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