Team Health

City residents without a health card get care from U of T undergrads

Revolution from Within

U of T student Nerissa Cariño garners a Peace Medallion for her work fighting violence against women

Reaching Higher

Reaching Higher

The Gordon Cressy Awards recognize new graduates who have made outstanding contributions to U of T. For these past winners, helping others has become a way of life

Reaching Out

The University of Toronto community engages in civic life

Helping Hands

Volunteers do everything from mentor students to organize book sales. U of T wouldn’t be the same without them

Days of Service

The benefits of volunteering

Before Night Falls

Two U of T staff members aim to raise awareness about Uganda’s 19-year civil war

They Say They Want a Revolution

Internet organization assists young social activists

Calling Senior Volunteers

Lots of short- and long-term assignments to choose from

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