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Photo of UofT mascote, True Blue at a sports game.
Varsity Blues mascot True Blue. Photo by Martin Bazyl

Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

U of T mascot True Blue is a lovable critter with great moves

At football games, at frosh orientation, and even among robed graduates at Convocation Hall, you’ll often spot a bright blue beaver wearing Varsity gear.

Meet True Blue: the official mascot of the University of Toronto and Varsity Blues. The lovable critter with great dance moves attends plenty of campus events, but he also appears at community functions such as the CIBC Run for the Cure, Pride Week and Toronto Maple Leafs games.

Two work-study students alternate wearing the suit. They undergo an audition process to test their theatrical and dance skills – and their inner class clown. The identities of these students remain a well-guarded secret.

True Blue recently received a makeover, featuring a slimmer and more modern design that is easier to see out of. His new look debuted at the Varsity Blues football home opener on August 30.

True Blue's new look features a slimmer design.
True Blue’s new look features a slimmer design.

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