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Tops Again

First place ranking in Maclean's comes despite funding challenges

The University of Toronto placed first among medical-doctoral universities in the Maclean’s university rankings for the 11th year in a row, but interim president Frank Iacobucci says funding will have to increase if U of T and other Ontario universities are to continue to do well. “The quality that U of T has maintained, despite the current level of provincial support, is testament to the levels of dedication and talent within our university community,” says Iacobucci. “Imagine what U of T and other Ontario schools could achieve if we were funded at the national average or beyond.”

Ontario currently sits 10th among the provinces in terms of per-capita support for higher education; U of T will be recommending in its submission to the Rae review of Ontario’s post-secondary education system that the province’s support increase to at least the national average.

“The number-one ranking again this year is especially encouraging given the challenges U of T and all Ontario universities faced last year with the enrolment surge from the double cohort,” Iacobucci adds. “This continued positive showing reflects the fact that U of T was well-prepared for that surge and was able to build on the high-quality educational experience that this university is known for.”

The 15 medical-doctoral universities in Canada were compared along 24 indices based on their responses to standardized questionnaires covering the areas of student body, classes, faculty, finances, library and reputation. U of T took the top position in student retention, proportion of students who graduate, medical and science grants, operating budget, alumni support and total library holdings and expenses.

Another survey suggests that U of T has an enviable reputation among the scientific community. The Nov. 8 issue of The Scientist ranked U of T first on a list of best places to work in academia outside the United States, compiled after the magazine surveyed scientists in the U.S., Canada and Europe. U of T is one of five Canadian universities to make the top 10, an achievement Iacobucci ascribes to federal and provincial research programs such as the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs.

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  1. One Response to “ Tops Again ”

  2. University of Toronto Magazine says:

    I am not sure whether I am more dismayed by U of T's showing in the latest Maclean's survey or your gross distortion of how our university fared in that survey. In the section in which graduates were asked to rate their alma mater, rather than being "tops again," the university barely showed up at all. On questions about classroom instruction, student services and overall university experience, U of T graduates gave their school low marks. The university did not rank anywhere in the top 20. I appreciate that there are a lot of arguments against the validity of the survey. However, if you are going to report the results, why not state that much of the survey seems to indicate that U of T is failing its students?

    Gordon Lemon
    BA 1979
    Cambridge, Ontario