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Lislehurst bridge at U of T Mississauga by Adrian Berg(aoberg) on Flickr
Photo by Adrian Berg(aoberg) on Flickr

The 10 Most Romantic Places at U of T

Alumni choose their favourite spots to woo that special someone

We asked U of T Magazine readers what their favourite spots on campus are when it comes to dreaming of love. Here are their top picks:

courtesy of Hart House
Photo courtesy of Hart House

1. In the Hart House reading room, by the pool table, “there was a little nook with a window,” remembers alum Stefania ‏(@ainafets528 on Twitter). “Loved it, don’t know if it’s still there.” It is!

Jon Horvatin
Photo by Jon Horvatin

2. What could be more romantic than a stroll in a quad – just like your own private garden. U of T has several of these secluded corners – here’s the Sir Daniel Wilson quad on a snowy day.

Courtesy University of Toronto

3. Shailender Ganger (‏@shellyganger on Twitter) says her heart sings “anywhere in UC”, because of its beautiful architecture. Like this?

Amarpreet Kaur (shutterbugamar) on Flickr
Photo by Amarpreet Kaur (shutterbugamar on Flickr)

4. Sometimes romance is a stolen moment… @smiles61446 on Twitter recommends “the five-minute walk from Deerfield Hall to the student centre through the woods” at U of T Mississauga.

Ryan (Metrix X on Flickr)
Infrared photo by Ryan (Metrix X on Flickr)

5. Treat your sweetie to a magical moment in the ethereal indoor bamboo garden at the Donnelly Centre.

Photo by bookchen on Flickr
Photo by bookchen on Flickr

6. Alice Chen ‏(@wAliceChen on Twitter) suggests there’s nowhere more romantic than “between bookshelves in a library”. Ah, the sweet scent of poetry!

FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO
FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO

7. You can meet your lover under the stars any clear night… or join in one of the tours of the cosmos offered year-round at the department of astronomy and astrophysics’s very own planetarium.

Randy Landicho on Flickr
Photo by Randy Landicho on Flickr

8. Lislehurst bridge at U of T Mississauga may just be U of T’s most popular spot for wedding pictures – and for good reason.

Focus Productions,
Photo by Focus Productions

9. Steal away to the secluded evergreen garden at Miller Lash House, UTSC, where guests can enjoy the tranquil sounds of the RiverRock waterfall. Another popular spot for weddings!

Black and white photo of staircase in the Great Hall with the middle window in colour
Photo by Tom Arban

10. Re-enact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet at Hart House. You know you want to!

Courtesy U of T Magazine
Hart House wedding

There are as many romantic locales as there are lovers. Tell us where on campus you find romance!

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