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Illustration of a chemistry beaker with a rod and smoke escaping at the top (left) and marijuana leaves inside a warning symbol (right) - 74% Yes; 26% No
Illustration by Alina Skyson

Poll: Should Marijuana Be Completely Legalized in Canada?

"Yes!" say many U of T students, who believe the drug is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes

Many U of T students believe marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol and should be legalized. But many also want the drug to be available only to those over 19. Under a legal framework, “there would be more control over who gets it, and it would be safer because it can be obtained by legitimate means rather than from sketchy dealers,” says Madeleine Barnes, a second-year kinesiology student.

Others are concerned that legalization will mean a rise in usage: “Demand will increase as it becomes more available,” says Berenice Alvarez, a second-year ethics, society and law student at Victoria College.

This highly unscientific poll of 100 U of T students was conducted at Sidney Smith Hall on St. George Campus in January.

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