Outer space above and the white and blue surface of the Earth below

What If…

The U of T community helped build a more just, prosperous and sustainable world for all?

A U of T medical student examines a patient at the IMAGINE clinic.

Team Health

City residents without a health card get care from U of T undergrads

Nerissa Cariño

Revolution from Within

U of T student Nerissa Cariño garners a Peace Medallion for her work fighting violence against women

Digital illustration of a ladder extending upward into white clouds against a blue sky

Reaching Higher

The Gordon Cressy Awards recognize new graduates who have made outstanding contributions to U of T. For these past winners, helping others has become a way of life

Headshot of Breese Davies, wearing light purple-framed glasses and a light and dark purple blouse with polka dots

Breese Davies

“The privilege of living and working in Canada comes with the duty to protect the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable.”

Reaching Out

The University of Toronto community engages in civic life

Jim and Verna Webb, standing on a stair landing, each holding a pile of books

Helping Hands

Volunteers do everything from mentor students to organize book sales. U of T wouldn't be the same without them

Before Night Falls

Two U of T staff members aim to raise awareness about Uganda's 19-year civil war

Team Clean

U of T mountain bikers remove a tonne of trash from the Don Valley Trail