Jenan Noureddine, wearing a white lab coat and a mauve-coloured hijab, holding and examining a potted plant in a clean, white, well-lit room with a monitor displaying temperature, humidity and CO2 readings

Seeds of Resilience

Plant growth chambers will enable researchers to test how food crops fare under different conditions

First-year student Reva Birla, in a black shirt, mauve hoodie and ripped blue jeans, is sitting on the side of her bed next to a large, black suitcase and looking out the window of her dorm room.

Living in Harmony

For Reva Birla, a cozy new home. For U of T Scarborough, a student residence that meets one of the most energy-efficient design standards in the world

Why Do Tornadoes Form?

UTSC researcher uses 30 years of climate data to understand what causes these devastating storms