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Five hands holding the national flags of Canada, U.S., China, India and Brazil
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In What City Were You Born?

We asked 100 U of T students, faculty and staff. More than half said they came from outside Canada

The majority of U of T faculty, staff and students polled were born outside Canada in cities that span the globe, from Porto Alegre, Brazil, to Tehran and Hanoi. Of these, 18 per cent are from China, 11 per cent from India and seven per cent from the United States. And of the second-generation Canadians we talked to, 66 per cent have at least one parent of international origin. While many of the polled came from large urban centres (New Delhi, Beijing and Warsaw, to name but a few), small towns were also well represented – including Georgsmarienhütte, Germany, and the market town of Skipton, England.




Outside Canada









This highly unscientific poll of 100 U of T members was conducted on two days in July at Sidney Smith Hall on St. George Campus.

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