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What Is the Biggest Challenge Facing the Toronto Area?

We asked 100 U of T students. It seems they share the concerns of many residents

U of T students share the concerns of many others who live in the Toronto area: too much traffic, unreliable transit, high rents and homelessness. While students at U of T Mississauga and U of T Scarborough cited transit as their top concern, those downtown more often complained about the lack of affordable housing. Says Amanda Wang, a fourth-year student in peace, conflict and justice studies: “A lot of my friends are struggling to find a place. It’s not that they have a low budget; in Toronto, it’s just not enough.” To help matters, U of T Scarborough opened a new residence in September, and U of T is changing its need-based financial aid program for students to reflect the high cost of living in Toronto.


Transit and getting around the city


Affordable housing and homelessness




Cost of living



This highly unscientific street poll of 100 U of T students was conducted across the three campuses in July 2023.

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  2. Lusanda says:

    Unreliable transit, unaffordable lifestyle. Cost of living is too high.