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Coloured pencil and graphite drawing of students in a classroom, with one student having a raised hand
Illustration by David Sparshott

What Do You Like Most About Being Back on Campus?

We asked 100 students. Their top answer was not surprising

Last year, U of T welcomed students back on campus after an extended period of virtual learning. The vast majority told us they were happy to be back, noting that they find classroom learning more engaging than online instruction. “I feel like I come away with more from in-person lectures,” says Faye Shawera, a second-year student in English and art history. Not surprisingly, the resumption of a more active social life was also a bonus – many reported missing their friends during the pandemic and the opportunity to meet new people. Some said they missed specific places on campus, such as the university’s many libraries and fitness facilities. And two specifically mentioned the nature trails at UTSC and UTM – and the furry creatures sometimes seen along them. 


Seeing friends


In-person learning


Using libraries and other facilities


Participating in campus activities


I prefer online learning

This highly unscientific poll of 100 U of T students was conducted across the three campuses in July 2022.

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