Ryan Pyle

Self-taught photographer is capturing China in transition

Wendy Yu

Marketing whiz is bringing the NBA to China

Jonathan Anschell

As general counsel for CBS Television, he rubs shoulders with a lot of celebrities. But one meeting in particular stands out

Love Story

Rasha Mourtada's story placed first in University of Toronto Magazine's Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

France August 1992

Brigid Elson's poem placed second in U of T Magazine's Alumni Short Story and Poetry Contest

Father Figure

Bryan Friedman's award-winning documentary charts his dad's quest for bodybuilding supremacy

Grano's Roberto Martella won the Jane Jacobs Prize, which honours Toronto's

Dinner with Friends

Restaurant owner Roberto Martella believes in building community by breaking bread together

Jim and Verna Webb, standing on a stair landing, each holding a pile of books

Helping Hands

Volunteers do everything from mentor students to organize book sales. U of T wouldn't be the same without them

Guitar Hero

Jowi Taylor tours with unique instrument composed of 64 symbols of Canadian culture

City Idol

U of T students and alumni have fresh ideas about municipal politics, and Order of Canada recipients announced

Taking Stock

New federal rules allow donors to give stock without tax

Top 40 Under 40

Alumni and faculty recognized in the annual top executives list by The Caldwell Partners

Race of the Century

When U of T pharmacy grad Bill Crothers defeated the world’s best middle-distance runner in 1965, he proved one thing to be true: the most valuable resources in a university athletics program are the people

Peter Munk

Starting Out

Even the most celebrated careers often have humble beginnings

Cinema Studies Turns 30

Producer Robert Lantos helps Innis mark milestone by chairing the college's $7-million fundraising campaign