Winter 2009

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U of T Magazine edition Winter 2009

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Julie Payette

Ms. Universe

Astronaut Julie Payette prepares for her second journey into space

Photo of a galaxy

To Boldly Go

U of T's Dunlap Institute will step up the search for worlds beyond our solar system

Female engineering students are more likely to choose environmental and biomedical disciplines because they believe advances in these fields have a direct impact on today’s pressing issues

Women Wanted

Engineering faculty hopes mentorship, new image will reverse slide in female enrolment

Stay Awhile!

New rules let international students reside in Canada for longer after graduating

Healing the Heart

Specially engineered tissue patches could help heart attack patients fully recover

Finch and Weston apartments

Tower Power

Toronto mayor picks up U of T plan to green, preserve and beautify the city's highrises

Up Against Google

With BlogScope, a U of T computer science group is taking on the search titan in the realm of public opinion

Jackie Orange

Our Own Jackie O.

Former alumni governor encourages grads to consider "life-changing" role with U of T