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Laura Inward (left) and teammate Wanda Guenette in Torino in 2013.
Photo courtesy of Laura Inward

Golden Glow

Alumna Laura Inward outclassed all competition in beach volleyball at the World Masters Games in August

Three times now, Laura Inward has brought a gold medal home for Canada. Inward (BPHE 1992) and her teammate, Wanda Guenette of Winnipeg, topped the podium in women’s beach volleyball at the World Masters Games – the largest multi-sport event in the world – in Torino, Italy, this past August. The shiny memento joins her souvenirs from the Games in Sydney (2009) and Edmonton (2005).

Victory was just as sweet this time around, but the motivation for competing had changed. “The first time was all about winning,” says Inward, 45. “In 2009 it was more about recognizing I was getting older, yet that sport could continue to be a part of my life.” Then, Guenette was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and could barely walk. “So the 2013 Games were more about my partner and how the goal and message behind sport can help you overcome life’s challenges.”

Inward played five years for the Varsity Blues indoor volleyball team and stays involved: she’s been a member of the team’s fundraising committee since 2000 and an assistant coach since 2010. She’s grateful for her continued connection with athletics. “As I embarked on my new real estate career I worried whether I would be successful,” she says. “I forced myself to stay connected to the process and trust that the outcome would take care of itself. I ended up using the lessons that I share with my athletes on myself.”

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