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Illustration of four different times when students start studying - First day of class: 4%; One month before: 19%; One week before: 50%; The night before: 27%;
Illustration by Alina Skyson

Poll: When Do You Start Studying for Exams?

Many U of T students prefer to cram before an exam

Research has shown that last-minute studying is counterproductive and stressful. However, many U of T students still find themselves cramming for exams. “Studying last minute does stress me out, but I’ve become used to it,” says Arthur Leung, a fourth-year engineering student. “If I start early I don’t have the motivation to work through my notes. I’d rather do it all the night before.”

Some students begin the process early in an effort to juggle coursework with life outside of academics. There is always a deadline to meet, says Abena Osei-Kwabena, a fourth-year global health undergrad, who studies ahead of time to balance work and extracurricular activities with her course load.

This highly unscientific poll of 100 U of T students was conducted at Sidney Smith Hall on St. George Campus on Oct. 7.

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