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What Are You Most Thankful For Right Now?

We asked 100 students. This is what they told us

U of T students, like most everyone, are grateful for the people they love. In the moment they were polled, many also expressed gratitude for being able to attend U of T. (We didn’t put them up to this!) Some students were asked the question with a café nearby, which could explain the strong showing for “coffee.” A few were thankful for something they didn’t have (imminent exams or a student loan) while others expressed thanks for a particular aspect of their U of T experience, such as their professors, an exchange opportunity or the library. Among the answers receiving one vote each: “God,” “the TTC came on time,” “legal pot” and “my winter jacket.”




The opportunity to study at U of T


My health





This highly unscientific poll of 100 U of T students was conducted on two very cold days in February on St. George Campus.

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