Research & Ideas

Watertable, an installation under the Gardiner

Road Thrill

Art profs create a sparkling underside to the Gardiner Expressway

Illustration of Big Ben split between three photo frames

Computer Vision

Want to know where an unidentified picture was taken? A computer program being developed at U of T can help

Photo of men on the beach with the aquabot


Engineering students build a robotic "submarine"

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly / Alliance Films

Mind Reader

An infrared ray may help caregivers decode the wishes of people with severe paralysis

Thirsty Lands

Rod Tennyson’s dream of a trans-African pipeline would bring clean water to millions.

Illustration of Intelligent Paper

Intelligent Paper

Chemical engineer Ramin Farnood is developing “smart” packaging that could warn consumers if a food product is tainted

Illustration of a computer with A+ written on a sheet on it

Stolen Words

The Internet has made plagiarizing easier than ever. But detection methods have gone high-tech, too.

Up Against Google

With BlogScope, a U of T computer science group is taking on the search titan in the realm of public opinion

Photo of a building with solar panels on the roof

Sunnier Days

High energy prices are giving solar cells a new-found lustre

Wii controller


Jo-Anne Marcuz is using Nintendo’s Wii video game system to help kids in recovery

portable blood device

Blood Work

Portable device would offer hospitals a quicker way to test patients for infectious diseases

Big Blue

U of T and IBM are assembling Canada's most powerful supercomputer

Home Smart Home

Professor Alex Mihailidis is designing an "intelligent" house that will help dementia sufferers

Nutrition in a Bottle

Food Engineering Group is creating a drink that will provide protein, vitamins and micronutrients

About Face

A popular social networking website is changing how students interact

Under the Toronto Sun

U of T teams with ARISE and Portlands Energy Centre to design the city's first solar power research facility

Freedom to Surf

The Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre takes on growing worldwide Internet censorship and surveillance

Early Warning

"Flake Awake" takes first prize in the Idea Competition sponsored by the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Meet the SIMs

Computer-operated mannequins can tell nursing students "That hurts!" or "I feel dizzy!"

The Infinite Library

Researchers are welcoming Google's plan to digitize millions of books, but the implications for libraries are profound

Foiled Again

Prof develops quantum cryptography method that could improve Internet security

Fields of Gold

Chemist David Boocock has developed a clean-burning fuel from organic waste

A Place in the Sun

Come ride with U of T's solar car racing team, cutting-edge crusaders for a cleaner future

The Next Internet

Behind the scenes, U of T researchers are finding ways to build a Net that’s not only more powerful, but a lot more human

The Big Picture

U of T cosmologists are piecing together the epic table of how the universe has evolved over 14 billion years