The cover of the Spring 2019 issue of University of Toronto Magazine, featuring a large thank you in elegant script

Spring 2019

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There are times in life when the big things go right – when you owe a huge debt of thanks to the people who helped you achieve your highest aspirations. For the University of Toronto, the spring of 2019 was one of these moments. In this issue, we offer a heartfelt “thank you” to the more than 100,000 U of T alumni and friends who supported the Boundless campaign. And we show how the university is putting this generosity to work – creating new opportunities for students and fuelling research that could make a big difference in the lives of Canadians and many people around the world.

In This Issue

Neighbourhood of streets and houses on an electronic circuit board

Preventing Disease through AI

Laura Rosella is using machine learning to suggest ways to reduce diabetes rates – and save millions in potential health-care costs

Robot with seven arms, each performing a different task

The Limits of AI

As artificial intelligence advances, humans need to pay closer attention to what it can and can’t do

Black and white photo of front exterior of Hart House and Soldiers' Tower from the 1920s

Hart House Turns 100

U of T’s beloved student centre once had a flying trapeze. A century later, that spirit lives on

Stone pillars almost completely replaced by blockchains

In Machines We Trust

Blockchain has the potential to transform financial transactions. This could spell trouble for banks and other institutional go-betweens

Judith Schurek

Her Extraordinary Journey

Judith Schurek fled the Hungarian Revolution and studied at U of T. Now, she supports scholarships for international students