Going Global

New undergraduate international-affairs magazine Globalist launches

Stepping Up

HSBC Bank Canada Steps to University program opens the door to post-secondary education

Learning to Lead

Seminars and workshops bring alumni back share their expertise with students

Sunday School

Members of the public debate the big questions at "Philosophy Cafe"

Treasure Box

Students learn forensics at one of Canada's few maggot ranches

A Second Chance

Bursary will provide emergency financial help to students in Transitional Year Programme

Happy Trails

How mountain bike racing became U of T's fastest growing sport

Team Clean

U of T mountain bikers remove a tonne of trash from the Don Valley Trail

Allison Prole

Student Affairs

Donor contributions have helped make watershed changes to the student experience. How? Here are just a few of the thousands of stories

Progressive Programs

These three campaign-funded programs are enabling U of T students to experience unique learning opportunities

Making the Grade

Transitional Year Programme (TYP) student receives prestigious Bank of Montreal National Scholarship

The Finnish Connection

Begun in the aftermath of war, U of T’s oldest student exchange is just the ticket for 21st-century learning

Road Test

Five U of T students get a lesson in civics, life and tolerance

Two for the Rhodes

Trinity College students will peruse graduate studies at Oxford University in England

A Meeting of Greek Minds

They are grad students, retired profs, a diplomat, a vet. They read Plato in ancient Greek, for fun. Deinos!

Bright Lights, Big Ideas

They’re brilliant. They’re bold. They’re young. And they have the national research community applauding

Reality Knocks

The educational system may have given up on them, but these students never gave up on education. The Transitional Year Programme helped them achieve their dreams

Paddle Power

The adventures of the U of T Outing Club think nothing of canoeing across Toronto's inner harbour. They also hike, bike, ski and otherwise challenge the great outdoors in any way they can

Life’s Unsolvable Problems

An anonymous donor has created a math scholarship to honour U of T student Nicholas Martin, who passed away earlier this year

A Matter of Degree

Endowing graduate student assistance will ensure that U of T can compete for stellar doctoral students, like the four profiled here

Musical Chairs

Event raises funds for the purchase of 30 to 35 ergonomic chairs

Life on Mars?

Finding the answers to how humans could possibly explore Mars