Research & Ideas

School of Jazz

For U of T Music students, it's all about the passion and the desire to play

Outdoor Sweatshops

U of T geography professor Ken MacDonald is challenging unfair labour practices on the slopes of the Karakoram Mountains

Home Cheap Home

Pay more for energy efficiency up front, save more in the long term, says prof

African Queen

A museum studies prof is working to unearth the ancient leader's complete life story

Emotional Welfare

Ontario's social assistance program too complicated, impersonal, study suggests

You Say Tomato…

Retiring linguistics prof identified unique characteristics of Canadian speech

Calypso King

Jarrod Lall warms up the airwaves with sounds of the Caribbean

Two students in white forensic suits digging a hole in the ground in a cordoned off area

The Real CSI

Students in UTM's forensic science program learn quickly that art does not always imitate life

Dropouts No More

An innovative program is creating a “culture of achievement” in Regent Park

Home Alone

People are socializing less with family and friends at home, study finds

Trading Spaces

Women aren't entering skilled trades, despite shortage of workers

Paths to Peace

At a time of international tension, U of T scholars are leading the search for alternatives to terror and war

The Family Business

Law grad Jean Teillet continues the fight of great-granduncle Louis Riel – in the courtroom

Teens Silent on Crime

Young people won't talk about being victims of crime for fear of being labeled a "snitch," study finds

Road Sage

Put away your aggression and stop leaning on that horn! Baher Abdulhai's research shows that the average commute time in the GTA can be reduced by 50 per cent

Photo of Pride Rainbow flag

The Gay Voice

Some men may subconsciously adopt certain female speech patterns

An Intellectual Emergency

In the month following the horror of September 11, and 20 years after her frosh year, writer Margaret Webb returns to U of T, again seeking understanding of the world

U.S. of Eh?

Canadian English is not being Americanized to the extent once thought, and in fact the reverse is also happening

Cages of Contradiction

Women's prisons fail to offer resources for those with addictions or in abusive relationships, study finds

Illustration of Hamlet

Something Rotten In the State of the Arts?

Purists claim the arts should not be sullied by business. Pragmatists devalue the BA for failing to impart job skills. A pox on them, for they are all wrong. A defence of the liberal arts degree

Illustration of a medieval monk talking in old english to a man with a spear and helmet

Lodes of Culture

U of T researchers are unearthing the A-Æ-B-Cs of cultural history from medieval times to the present

Guy Gavriel Kay

Of Murder and Magic

The inspiration for the fanciful novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Caroline Roe sprang from the U of T campus