Cover photo for the Autumn 2022 issue: AI system code superimposed on a front profile photo of Ilya Sutskever, his left side blurred out

Autumn 2022

PDF Edition

In the past decade, computers have gotten remarkably good at recognizing images, understanding what we’re saying and defeating us at games. In this issue’s cover story, we profile Ilya Sutskever, a grad who is now pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can do with language. We also look at how a new medical academy at U of T Scarborough will advance racial equality in Canadian health care, and a staged crime scene at U of T Mississauga that helps teach the next generation of forensic investigators.

In This Issue

Collage illustration of a group of students, faces blurred, books, a table with chairs, in front of blue and yellow rectangle shapes, and damaged building complexes in the back

Displaced by War

U of T has a history of helping scholars fleeing violence in their home countries. This year, many Ukrainians have found a haven here

Prof. Kristen Bos wearing a long-sleeved, black and white flower patterned dress and large purple clover-shaped earrings, standing in front of a field of tall shrubs, with one hand on her waist

The Costs of Extraction

Prof. Kristen Bos investigates how pollution has affected – and continues to affect – Indigenous communities

A grassy field full of white clovers in a Toronto park, surrounded by trees and condo buildings in the distance

Cities Are Driving Evolution

Globally crowdsourced study shows that white clovers are biologically adapting to city life, demonstrating the profound impact of urbanization

Darren Hamilton in a blue patterned, long-sleeved shirt, seated in front of a piano, smiling and looking off camera

Spreading the Gospel

A Juno Award-winning teacher wants all his students to feel there is a place for them in music