Girl draws a city with sidewalk chalk

Autumn 2018

PDF Edition

What should a city be? Ron Buliung, a geography professor who studies urban mobility, describes why he’s an advocate for making our metropolises more accessible for people with disabilities. Emily Reisman, an urban planner, studies how to make highrise communities more appealing. John Robinson, a Munk School professor, argues for a new emissions-fighting strategy for cities. And Meric Gertler explains how the new School of Cities is uniquely positioned to help the world build better cities.

In This Issue

Aerial photo of Toronto with Daniels Building as the focal point.

Building Better Cities

How a global hub of urban thinkers could bring tangible improvements to the lives of millions of people

U of T professor Nav Persaud

The High Price of Pills

More than two million Canadians don’t take their full dose of medications because of the cost. How can they be helped?

More Than a Pipe Dream

Ryan Janzen is developing a new kind of transportation that could revolutionize intercity travel – and he wants to be the first to ride it

Rendering of what a TransPod might look like on Spadina Avenue in Toronto

Hyperloop Explained

A new transportation technology could zip you from Toronto to Montreal in 45 minutes. We took a peek under the hood

Wen-Do expert Arij Elmi stands in a playground

Wen-Do Warrior

Arij Elmi gained the courage to speak up against racist comments after studying self-defense. Now she teaches other women to do the same

Illustration of a woman sitting at her desk in her corporate office

The Motherhood Penalty

Women pay a price for seeking more flexible jobs after having children. Good legislation won’t solve the problem – we need to look at cultural changes, too